TODAY   |  September 14, 2013

Airline will honor $5 flights booked during glitch

Customers using the United Airlines website were able to book tickets Thursday without paying fares, and instead were only charged airport and security fees. The airline has fixed the error and said it will still honor the tickets booked during the glitch. TODAY’s Thomas Roberts reports.

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>>> united airlines will attorney the extremely cheap flights it offered by accident. lucky travelers able to snag fights between 5 and 10 bucks on the web sites . if it wasn't for the security thieves the tickets would have been honored. it was a human error and not a computer glitch and we get houston to washington dell loeulles flight is $887 is according to their intersite now. when people found this, they said we are going to christmas in maui.

>> i think one man bought 12 tickets from d.c. to hawaii. this happened years ago when i was living in san francisco and covering tech knowledge anology. journalism edgeics kicked in, man i wish i would have bought a ticket.

>> the luggage, the meal, it's about $800.

>> they will get you no matter what.

>> the two-hour window is a