TODAY   |  September 14, 2013

Colorado floods turn deadly as more rain expected

Flooding in Colorado has caused four deaths and disaster alerts in 14 counties, while residents brace for the possibility of more rain. So far, the flooding spans 130 miles and thousands have been evacuated. NBC’s Joe Fryer reports.

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>>> we beginning in colorado. devastating scene out there where some neighborhoods are under water and others simply cut off from the rest of the area because the roads are impassible. or washed out.

>> in some cases, just gone. here is the latest for you this morning. at least four people are confirmed dead . now, there is concern that number could rise. 181 people still unaccounted for in boulder county but official there do caution, this does not mean those people are missing. what it means, in most cases, no one has been able to contact them. of course, in most areas no phone or cell service.

>> rescuers are taking advantage of the break to get people as safe as possible but the worst could be on the way. heavy rains expected today and tomorrow and keep in mind, the ground is saturated and means more of those questions devastating flash floods could be triggered any moment.

>> we have dylan dreyer in boulder and joe friar.

>> you can see just how much water has built up in the creeks and streams highlighting the danger here in northern colorado . as you mentioned, at least four people have died. that includes a young couple, a boyfriend and girlfriend, who were both 19 years old. rescue efforts are now under way with help from the national guard . helicopter rescues taking place from the isolated town of jamestown . they are plucking people from there and bringing them to the boulder airport . also ground rescues taking place in the town of lyons. both communities completely cut off by floodwaters. many there have not had power since the flood began. as of last night, we are told about 130 people were rescued from jamestown and about 190 from lyons with many more to go. now, the sheriff says every roadway that leads to the western part of the county is basically gone, which means rebuilding will take a while. for those who have been rescued, it's unclear when they are going to be able to return home to start assessing the damage and to start the cleanup. one person told us yesterday, it could be a couple of months before she is able to return to jamestown . but simply, this flood is massive and spanning 130 miles. disaster emergency is declared in 14 counties, which should tell you the size of the footprint of this 100-year flood here in northern colorado . erica.

>> some of the numbers do take your breath away. joe,