TODAY   |  September 14, 2013

US, Russia reach agreement on Syria’s chemical weapons

After three days of marathon negotiations, the United States and Russia have reached a deal on Syria’s chemical weapons. According to the deal, Syria must declare its chemical arsenal and give unfettered access to U.N. investigators. NBC’s Ian Williams reports.

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>>> we have learned the u.s. and russia reached a framework. we go to ian williams for the latest on this who is standing by for us in jaegeneva.

>> we do have an agreement after three days of marathon negotiations.

>> reporter: john kerry called this agreement a step, he called it -- he said that the implementation of this agreement would have to take place by the middle of the next year. this was a number of quite tight deadlines. he said that by the end of -- within one week, syria must fully declare its nuclear arsenal . he said that by the beginning of november, they must give unfettered access to u.n. and nuclear inspectors. these are pretty tough deadlines. where there wasn't so much clear-cut agreement was over the use of force . kerry said if the syrians didn't fully blood -- the use of force is one option but the ruxs also pointed out there are many other options and that it wouldn't necessarily need rapidly the use of force if there was noncompliance. thomas?

>> ian williams reporting from geneva, thank you.