TODAY   |  September 13, 2013

Fiesta! Try heirloom bean and bacon tostadas

To bring some good luck on Friday the 13th, the “Too Hot Tamales,” sisters Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger, demonstrate a tasty tostada recipe using bacon fat.

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>>> it's friday 13th but we have foods to bring us good luck.

>> they're cochefs and owner of the popular restaurants in las vegas . great to see you guys.

>> i'm glad you wore your green.

>> absolutely.

>> good luck color. we're making good luck food.

>> beans are good luck, right?

>> i want to throw salt over my shoulder because we'll have a contest in a minute.

>> all right.

>> we're going to make a bean salad and beans are good luck because they're round and we're going to put a little pork in it. bacon fat started and a little bit of krispy bacon.

>> so far it sounds good; a vinegarette.

>> bacon fat .

>> i am. i am.

>> competitive.

>> i am. so we have bacon fat , honey for sweetness.

>> and then a little bit of nice jalapeno, red and green.

>> a little color to it.

>> a little bit of mustard. scallions, olive oil .

>> earlier in the day mary sue tried to hand me one of those chilis which is bad luck if you give them one in their hand.

>> then they can pick it up and they don't get the bad luck . we'll take all the different beans. you can use any beans.

>> aren't they gorgeous.

>> gorgeous.

>> the roundness.

>> yeah, those are scarlet runner , christmas limas and we cooked them and fresh green beans and yellow beans too. a little salt in there, will i can't.

>> all right.

>> a little bit of salt in there. i know al say chef.

>> yeah.

>> all right. so we have our mayonnaise with cilantro lime. look at that.

>> and then a little bit of that on top.

>> a little bit of that to hold all the beans and the juice.

>> i always made this with cilantro lime and mayonnaise.

>> where ever you want it.

>> we put the avo cado on the top.

>> heavy on the avocado.

>> well, this is a good 80/20 meal. it's 80% plant based. good for the planet and your body.

>> don't be sloppy.

>> oh my gosh. you can put some of this.

>> al --

>> oh, i see.

>> wait, if you drop this on the floor you'll get lots of friends coming over.

>> is that right?

>> if you don't want anybody to come over, don't drop it.

>> leave it on the counter.

>> okay guys. thank you so much. we're back in a moment.

>> look at this, wait -- who wins?

>> yes, i win.

>> this is "today" on nbc.