TODAY   |  September 13, 2013

4 household fixes every woman can do

From unclogging a toilet to getting all the hair out of a drain, lifestyle expert Evette Rios has tips on four basic household repairs every woman should be able to perform

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>> toilet.

>> yeah, absolutely. it's terrible when it happens like when you're visiting a friend for instance. it's like everybody's worse nightmare.

>> yeah.

>> but we'll start by turning off the water.

>> the thing you do, there's usually a shut off here in the wall. shut off the valve for the water. then the water will stop flowing so you don't get the overflowing issue. the other thing you should do is open this up and make sure that this is pushed down.

>> the rubber part that covers the hole?

>> exactly. make sure the water to the bowl is limited. then get your plunger. if you have one like these, put it under hot water and warm it up because it will soften the rubber.

>> these are better, right?

>> these are better.

>> look at this. natalie you are plunging away. you have to make sure the plunging up is as important as the plunging down. that was excellent work.

>> it should clear upright away.

>> it should clear.

>> if you don't have a plunger, sometimes you're too embarrassed to ask, hot water and a little bit of dishwasher soap, it can loosen everything up and hopefully pray to god it will flush on it's own.

>> that should work.

>> to the bathtub. the ladies can relate to the getting the hair in the drain.

>> plumbers charge $150 an hour just to come to your house and $75 an hour afterwards. so these repairs can cost a couple of hundred dollars.

>> right.

>> cool, get a screwdriver. or flat head depending. this has long screws in it but comes out really easy and when you do take it out, you have to see this you guys.

>> oh, come on.

>> look at that.

>> come on.

>> sorry about that america.

>> nasty.

>> then you take this little guy out.

>> breakfast anyone.

>> do you guys want to try this.

>> that's prop hair. that's not real.

>> you just take this guy right off of there and then you put it right back in and you should be go good to go. this is braided around here.

>> that person may have a medical condition .

>> sasquatch took a shower in here. and to actually get rid of your soap scum that kind of builds up, a cup of baking soda, white vinegar, let it bubble and then boiling water .

>> how often should you do this?

>> this is like a routine once a month thing and it will keep things nice and clear.

>> okay.

>> how about the sink?

>> yeah, the sink -- sinks can sometimes get lost in the drain.

>> absolutely.

>> let's say i dropped my ring down there.

>> oh my god.

>> oh. is that my ring? no it's not my ring. what am i going to do?

>> you need a pair of pliers or any sort of wrench, and in is a cool idea. use gloves. take off the fingers of the gloves and this will protect your plumbing.

>> okay.

>> then you get that -- what is that called? the p valve or something.

>> p-trap.

>> i read my notes. that's all i can claim.

>> you're going to loosen this up like this and you have a tail underneath it and then pour out the water and look, there it is.

>> that's why it's shaped like this to catch anything that's heavy that can fit down there.

>> that's beautiful.