TODAY   |  September 13, 2013

Golden Sisters to Miley Cyrus: Put some clothes on!

The lovable trio of senior sisters revisit TODAY to dispense live advice on such topics as Miley Cyrus’s risqué “Wrecking Ball” music video and offer their take on the classic sitcom “Golden Girls.”

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>> all right, al, thanks. they're some of our favorite guests, the golden sisters. the trio with advice on anything we throw at them. they're here to talk about miley cyrus , superstitions and the golden girls .

>> welcome back.

>> thank you.

>> i have to start. i understand you met a movie icon downstairs.

>> robert de niro .

>> oh my god.

>> my heart stopped.

>> really?

>> yeah. that was as exciting as meeting oprah . right up there with oprah .

>> oh my god.

>> what did you say?

>> we couldn't -- nothing came out.

>> we said you're our favorite actor.

>> you guys were speechless.

>> i was speechless.

>> i wanted to say could i kiss you but i got shy.

>> yeah.

>> wow.

>> that was very exciting.

>> cool, that's a big moment. now, you guys kind of rose to fame by watching the kim kardashian sex tape .

>> yeah.

>> there was a video of you watching. i'm interested on your take on another video that people are talking about and it's miley cyrus . you saw her at the music awards and now she has this wrecking ball video out. what do you make of her?

>> i think she is going to regret it.

>> her brain isn't developed yet. it doesn't develop until you're 25.

>> she is acting foolish.

>> yeah.

>> but she will be fine.

>> what advice would you give to miley?

>> what in the world are you doing?

>> stop doing that. now the young kids are going to -- my great granddaughter is crazy about her but she can't see that.

>> no.

>> she grew up too fast.

>> were you shocked by this as when you watched the kardashian tape.

>> no, kardashian tape was more shocking. we never saw anything like that.

>> way, way, more.

>> we've seen nude girls , but you see them in the shower.

>> in the shower.

>> well, as young girls when you're --

>> in the locker room in high school .

>> yeah. not in my day, no.

>> she's older than me.

>> we didn't dress.

>> so you took showers dressed.

>> we didn't take showers. there were no showers in my day. i'm really old.

>> really old.

>> okay. let's do twitter questions. we have heather tweeted and said do y'all watch golden girls ? if you had to pick one who is most like you, which would each of you choose.

>> i'm maud.

>> okay.

>> i'm blanche.

>> i see that.

>> i'm betty white . what was her name. i don't remember?

>> rose.

>> rose.

>> i'm rose.

>> you're rose. do you watch the golden girls ?

>> yeah. love them.

>> big fan .

>> they had the best writers. it was perfect.

>> still fun.

>> have you met betty white .

>> not yet.

>> we hope to.

>> we have to get you guys together. we'll get you and robert de niro and betty white together.

>> and oprah . we'll throw in oprah too.

>> another question from tracy and jeff. they want to know who is the youngest and what were you the first to do something at before the oldest.

>> they're twins. she came out last.

>> okay.

>> i did a lot more than they did. i had a lot more fun.

>> that's not true.

>> we had just as much fun as she did.

>> they only know one man each. i know a few.

>> you know a few.

>> we got another one for you. come on.

>> oh, this is nice.

>> how are you.

>> he's one of our camera guys.

>> handsome, isn't he?

>> when he studied american history there were only three chapters.

>> wow. wow.

>> we'll set something up after the show, okay? . ladies, always so fun to have you here. come back any time.

>> oh, thank you for having us.

>> the golden sisters.