TODAY   |  September 13, 2013

Weekend buzz: Demi and Ashton spotted together

USA Today entertainment writer Arienne Thompson shares the most buzzworthy celebrity news going into the weekend, like Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher being spotted together at an airport for the first time since their divorce.

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>>> this morning on your ticket to hollywood, britney spears , nicole kidman and ashton and demi.

>> here is the entertainment writer for usa today .

>> here we go.

>> this photo of the week. paparazzi on a bike running into nicole kidman .

>> right. she is minding her business coming out of a fashion show during fashion week and this paparazzi on a bike runs right into her. what a terrible way to end fashion week and she wants to press charges. it's yet to be seen how that is going to workout but for now police cited him for riding without a helmet, reckless endangerment.

>> was he pursuing her?

>> yeah, he was trying to take a picture of her. just really bizarre.

>> ironic, what's worse is that photo now taken by other paparazzi is now for valuable.

>> yeah. which is a death cycle there.

>> yeah.

>> let's do star power . kendall jenner of kardashian fame.

>> i thought you said star power .

>> did she post a video of her taking selfies while driving?

>> you learn this in driver's ed, don't do this. so she takes a video of herself driving, singing, making silly faces and we know teens are not the best drivers but teens and technology do not mix at all. watch out if you're in l.a. there might be a kardashian on the street.

>> she was driving the car?

>> yeah, she is taking a picture and has her hand off the wheel.

>> and this is on kik which is like instagram with video. so you take an imagine but like video. she is doing this while she is driving.

>> you ran into her dad the other day -- bruce, did you get a chance to ask him about this?

>> no, i hasn't read on this story. but i saw him. always good to see bruce.

>> he looks good.

>> yeah.

>> great. good to know. demi and ashton back together, or are they? really just a reunion.

>> let's not get too excited.

>> just spotted somewhere.

>> they just happen to be in the same place.

>> they still have this charity together, so they were on a flight together. they came back to california. so it wasn't a real reunion. they just happened to be same place, same time.

>> it seemed amikable.

>> yeah but he is doing good ex-husband and good boyfriend. the next night he went to the airport to pick up mila kunis .

>> you teased this as a big reunion and a feel a big let down now.

>> do you know who else was there, bruce jenner .

>> jenner was there too?

>> he was everywhere.

>> what did he look like willie?

>> are you sure it was him or chris kardashian .

>> kris jenner .

>> tweet of the week, britney is back. as she let everybody know.

>> she is back with her banging bikini body too.

>> wow.

>> she has a new single coming out called work b. the b word. that's coming out on tuesday and she wants to let everyone know she is back. she is fit. ready to dance. ready to work it out.

>> thank goodness.

>> i know you were worried al.

>> i was worried she wouldn't be ready.

>> no one has heard of miley cyrus , right?

>> they have a duet together on miley's new album bangers so they got together for bangers. al you'll be getting that as soon as it comes out.

>> not a lot of clothes. let's get our sneak peek. robert de niro , talking on the show, "the family" in theaters today.

>> it looks fun. a nice comedy. it's exciting to see what movies come out as we get ready for award season. i think that one is going to do good business. it's going to be fun. everyone is excited to see him.

>> hot new trailer of the week.

>> justin timberlake , ben afleck . doesn't get better than that. people are excited about that. although i'm not convinced that justin is a college student . he's supposed to be an undergrad in this movie. so it gets a raised eyebrow.