TODAY   |  September 13, 2013

Meet the world’s ugliest animal: Blobfish!

Thousands of votes were cast in an online competition hosted by the Ugly Animal Preservation Society, and the blobfish won by a landslide. The creature, nicknamed the “marine Jabba the Hut,” will be enshrined as the official mascot of the UAPS (though he doesn’t look too happy about the new title).

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>> trending on the huffington post , we want to introduce you to the world's ugliest animal. it's called the blobfish. take a look.

>> oh.

>> it looks like it's head got melted.

>> it's kind of cute.

>> it looks like ziggy.

>> mr. magoo.

>> in a poll by the ugly animal preservation society, this creature won by 10,000 votes. it's native off coast of california and australia.

>> he has that witchy resting face that we talked about a few weeks ago.

>> wow.

>> you catch one of those you definitely throw it back. right back.

>> get that frown and turned it upside down, he would be so much better.

>> there's runner ups, right?

>> yeah.

>> there's this monkey.

>> everybody wants to get into -- a primate.

>> oh.

>> and of course the monk fish .

>> i think that takes the prize in that category.

>> just a little material for your nightmares tonight. that's what is trending today.