TODAY   |  September 13, 2013

Fashion designer, 12, shares her style success secrets

New York Fashion Weekis bustlingwith A-list designers, but one 12-year old girl stole the show with her catwalk debut. NBC’s Mara Schiavocampo reports on fashion prodigy Isabella Rose Taylor.

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>>> new york 's fashion week is just about wrapping up. mara has the story of one young girl that came to manhattan with big dreams . good morning to you.

>> good morning. isabella rose taylor. haven't heard that name yet? chances are you will. though she is still a kid, isabella is already getting a lot of attention as a designer and artist all before the age of 13.

>> reporter: new york 's fashion week, featuring the biggest names in design today and, as it turns out, some of the future.

>> i'm so excited. it looks amazing.

>> reporter: this is 12-year-old isabella rose taylor's first trip to the cat walks. but most doubt it will be her last. simply put, this twin is a fashion prodigy.

>> this is from my spring 2014 collection.

>> reporter: four years ago at 8 she started designing and sewing clothes. developing a clothing line noticed by major players in the industry.

>> how are you doing? welcome.

>> reporter: like this designer.

>> this brilliant star reminds me of when i'm a kid.

>> i'm a little star struck by you.

>> reporter: and jenni mia.

>> done. i'm just blown away by how much talent can be in this tiny smile and imagination.

>> reporter: her spring 2014 collection was just featured in her hometown at austin's fashion week show casing a style she describes as a mix of hippy meets grunge.

>> what's the girl you're thinking of when you're designing?

>> the girl that wants to be comfortable but fashionable and wants layers and unique and switch up her look throughout the day.

>> i love this. if art had legs it would be fashion .

>> that's sort of my motto when people ask me. i always say it would be fashion .

>> reporter: isabella knows a thing or two about art. she started painting at just 3 years old. now her work is sold by a private art dealer in dallas.

>> do you ever worry she has grown up a little too fast.

>> sometimes i do. but she is still a kid with us. at home and with her friends.

>> reporter: and if all of that weren't enough, this 12-year-old fashion phenom is also a super student that just started college. all part of a future that sparkles.

>> i think the keys to success are blood, sweat, and glitter, bsg is what i call it. you have to have passion and work and inspiration and fun with what you're doing.

>> those sound like rules to live by to me. isabella would like to take her brand global one day and her dream is to eventually show her own collection at new york 's fashion week and guys, best of all, she is really wellmanered. very polite. just a sweet girl all around.

>> all right. very inspiring.