TODAY   |  September 13, 2013

Floodwaters reach record levels in Colorado

Floodwaters continue to surge through Colorado, forcing the shutdown of UC Boulder’s campus and mandatory evacuations for many towns. An all-time record crest of 8 feet threatens to rise even higher. Weather Channel’s Mike Seidel reports from Boulder.

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>> about for days now. mike is in boulder. good morning to you.

>> good morning. on the boulder creek you can see it's roaring behind me. this is what happens when you get a foot of rain that falls in the foothills and comes roaring through town. there was concern that a 30 foot wall of water would come through here so they evacuated 4,000 residents. the wall of water didn't happen so we're in better shape but looking for an all time record crest here of over 8 feet. previous was over 4 feet. still tough to get around here in the foothills but the boulder-denver highway, you can't drive from bould tore denver this morning. many things closed including the uc boulder campus. the rain backed off. just a mist at this point.

>> thank you very much. our thought with people in colorado