TODAY   |  September 13, 2013

Who wears short shorts? This dad does

One father has gone viral after he decided to show his teen daughter that her short shorts may not be as “cute” as she thinks by wearing a pair of his own on a family outing.

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>> week and a peek inside the new studio 1 -a. we're so proud of it. but first, the dad that's become an internet sensation for the way he taught his daughter about modesty.

>> reporter: scott mcintosh doesn't dress this way as a habit but a lot of teens and young women do, including one of his own daughters and the utah father doesn't like it. so he wrote, i decided to make a small statement on how her short-shorts maybe aren't as cute as she thinks.

>> i took scissors to paints.

>> reporter: cut crotch high and with the pockets hanging out.

>> i was going for shock value and embarrassment.

>> reporter: he wore them for a family night out until his daughter was embarrassed by the look.

>> i got out of the car and walked in and she said i'm staying in the car.

>> reporter: his wife took the photos and his kids who posted them on social media where they went viral.

>> we heard from all around the world.

>> reporter: this wasn't cyber shaming like the mother who posted a photo of her 10-year-old son wearing an i am a thief sign. or the north carolina father who ridiculed his daughter's profane online wining and then shot up her laptop.

>> this right here is my 45.

>> reporter: mcintosh's message to his daughter was genial. he even talked about it on local television.

>> i didn't know what to do other than a drastic measure.

>> reporter: did his message hit home? not that night. there was no dad i get it. or dad you're the best, thanks for the awesome lesson. but in the time sense ?

>> i think she is aware of my feelings and sometimes understanding your parents feelings are important.

>> reporter: whether it worked or not, the whole episode is now out there and that's the important. a controversial one about the perils of parenting.

>> i love that the discussion is being had.

>> he likes to say modest is hottest.

>> he embarrassed himself but to make a really good point.

>> i don't think he was that embarrass td.

>> he seemed pretty comfortable with himself.

>> he wasn't planning to leave the house. he kept waiting for the kids to notice i'm dressed like this but they were glued to htheir phones so he took it to the next level.

>> see that one more time.