TODAY   |  September 13, 2013

Glitch drops United Airlines ticket prices for 15 minutes

For about 15 minutes on Thursday, United Airlines customers were shocked when they saw the price of tickets drop to the cost of a latte, due to a computer  glitch. The airline has not announced whether it will honor tickets purchased during that time. NBC’s Kerry Sanders reports.

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>> on the website must have thought they won the lottery. kerry sanders explained.

>> reporter: united used to be known as the friendly skies airline but thursday they were the unbelievably friendly airline thanks to a computer glitch giving away tickets for the price of a latte.

>> i don't know if i was real or if i was dreaming.

>> she wasn't dreaming but on the right website at the right time. someone entered wrong fare information into their system. the result, the price of a ticket was zero, plus fees, of course.

>> so i went and looked and thought of the most expensive place i could think of and hawaii was what came to mind. i found two tickets round trip for $15.

>> any other time two tickets would be $1,714. and it was the same story all over the country, no matter where you were flying from. a flight to orlando, just $3.20. to washington d.c. , just $5. las vegas , $6.40. boston and los angeles , both just $10.

>> i was afraid to put my credit card number in at first but then i was like, you know what, i'm going to do it.

>> the news took off on social media . one post read this can't stake but just in case i booked 14 and counting. the glitch lasted about 15 minutes before it was corrected. united isn't saying whether it will honor the tickets. just we are in the process of evaluating this, and as always, we will do what is appropriate. but for now, hopes are sky high .

>> it was real. i got my confirmation. so thank you, united.

>> reporter: for today, kerry sanders , nbc news, miami.

>> do you ever have one of those too good to be true moments?

>> that was one of them.

>> years ago i went to an atm downtown here. i tried to take $100 out of my checking account and when i reached down to get the money there was $400 there. but i didn't know whether it had come out of my account or been left there by someone else .

>> what did you do?

>> i bought a great shirt -- i went into the bank and told them.

>> my dad used to go to the atm and i would always say, dad, did you win. and he'd say yeah, honey, i won. from