TODAY   |  September 13, 2013

Obama’s job rating on economy is ‘upside down’

A Wall Street Journal poll says that 52 percent of Americans disapprove of Obama’s handling of the economy, the sixth month in a row that the disapproval ratings are the majority. Has the great recession put a hold on the American Dream? NBC’s Chuck Todd reports.

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>>> impact is still being felt from the financial melt down that began five years this week. the president took office just after the worst of the financial crisis was over but many remain disappointed with high unemployment, a sluggish recovery and limited job growth . 45% now approve of the handling of the economy. 52% disapprove. and chuck todd , chuck, we have a gridlocked congress. does the president have a shot of turning this around? do republicans fair better?

>> well, only a little bit. this is the 6th month in a row that the president's job rating is upside down. it's hurting the democratic party . now more people are saying the republicans are better at dealing with the economy than the democrats but the place where the republicans are hurt is that more people pick the president and democrats as saying that they relate better to the middle class than republicans but there's clearly disappointment in how the president handled the economic recovery.

>> the poll also found that lots of people that describe themselves as poor or middle class think that's where they'll continue to be. what does that say about the american dream of having better lives than our parents.

>> what was interesting here is over five years you ask people do they think in the next five years they'll move up the economic ladder? before the great recession hit you had a majority of folks in the working class and poor and they knew they would be moving up but now a majority say they think they're stuck where they are and it shows you how much of a shock this great recession was and how much further we have to go all across the country.

>> chuck todd , thank you so