TODAY   |  September 13, 2013

Man halts attempt to cross Atlantic with only balloons

A man who was mimicking the animated movie “Up” by crossing the Atlantic suspended from hundreds of colorful helium balloons had to halt his effort: The job was so taxing, he had no time to sleep.

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>> looks like it is straight out of the animated movie up. ayman soaring through the sky using brightly colored helium balloons in an attempt to cross the atlantic. this was so cool until it wasn't so cool.

>> that's the problem.

>> this guy took off from -- he took off from maine trying to make it across the atlantic with 360 something helium balloons.

>> he had to land in canada. he was so busy manning the controls he couldn't sleep at all. he was actually the first-person to cross the english channel using this very method, the cluster ballooning method.

>> my favorite thing is when they were talking about his trip they said depending on weather patterns he could land anywhere between iceland and morocco.

>> that's a big area.

>> that's a big area.

>> hard to pinpoint your pick up. could you pick me up in --

>> i wonder if he'll do it again.

>> he was reached for comment and he said, i think i might try it again.

>> do that again?

>> i wasn't sure where you were going with that.

>> doing the helium thing.

>> i have a bag of chee-tos here for you.

>> somebody will use just the video of that.