TODAY   |  September 12, 2013

Kirk Cameron: Exploring tragedy strengthened my faith

Actor and filmmaker Kirk Cameron tackles the challenging question of why tragic events happen to good people in his new documentary, “Unstoppable,” which encourages a conversation about Gods in the midst of suffering. He says that it’s OK to ask God “why” during tough situations and explains how it made his faith stronger.

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>>> it is an age old question. why do bad things happen to good people?

>> actor kirk cameron tries to answer that question and quite a bit more in his new documentary, unstoppable, a personal journey that he embarks on. and he's with us here again. you were here from monumental. and this is an interesting thing. one night, all over theater in the country.

>> that's right.

>> a live event . you're going to be doing it from liberty university in virginia.

>> that's right.

>> tell us about it.

>> that's right. that's right. well, this is a live event . so simultaneously tens of thousands of families will gather into theaters and see this movie that looks tragedy right in the face.

>> right in the eye.

>> and i'm attempting to answer the question, where is god in the midst of tragedy. in the memory of 9/11 and school shootings and my friend that just died of cancer, i want to know the answer to this question.

>> a 15-year-old young man, right?

>> named matthew. people always ask that. how could god let this happen to a child? what did you learn on the journey?

>> i learned it's okay to ask the question why. some people come from a background that says it's not to ask why.

>> don't insult god. he has his ways. that kind of thing.

>> but throughout history when people ask the question why with a sincere desire to understand, there's a treasure of an answer waiting. my attempt is not to answer this with some trite religious thing, but give the story, the history. if we can climb up to heaven's balcony and get a wide angle view of all of history through the garden of eden and the flood and up to today, maybe it makes sense in a larger story. we can see that god is up to something, it's magnificent and we can trust him.

>> it confirmed your faith. it didn't make you lose your faith, right?

>> what i think should have shredded my faith and made many people walk away from god actually made my faith stronger. i'm hoping to give that hope and inspiration to others.

>> you know what, you don't know how you're going to react if tragedy hits you in the face. if you lost one of your six beautiful children. or if i did or if you lost people, you question. but you point is god is big enough for the question. and if you seek him he will give you the answers you're looking for.

>> i'm trying to give people a fresh, creative look on how to look at things like this. honestly. and we create the garden of eden and adam coming out of the dirt.

>> it's so cool when adam comes out of the dirt.

>> he's very hot.

>> and he's bald. which raises a lot of questions. #.

>> so just so quickly again, it's on september 24th . what time? or how do you know where it is?

>> go to put in your zip code . you can see the theater near your house. and it's a one-time showing. k at night. be there that night or you don't get to see it in theaters.

>> it's really moving.

>> you're going to put it on dvd afterwards, right?

>> yes.

>> i shouldn't have said that. no he's not! one time only to see it in the movie theaters . all right, 1,227 interesting facts to blow your socks off, and good thing i'm only wearing spanx.

>> how many of them will kathie lee and i get right?

>> not many.

>> get the buzzers ready.