TODAY   |  September 12, 2013

Janelle Monae: Life on the road can be lonely

Grammy-nominated artist Janelle Monae is a singer and songwriter whose sophomore album “The Electric Lady,” will help you release your inner funk. She tells KLG and Hoda she loves performing, but misses loved ones when she’s on the road during key events in their lives.

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>>> she is known for her funky critically acclaimed music, awesome dance moves and is fearless in rocking her sky high hairdo.

>> and now she's come out with her second cd. it's called the electric lady . we're so happy to have you with us.

>> i'm honored. i'm humbled. i love y'all.

>> the very first thing you notice when someone takes a quick glance at yo is your hair.

>> it's a monet.

>> how much work goes into the monet?

>> it's a lot of love a lot of ideas.

>> you don't give your secrets away. you are a fascinating young lady . from kansas city , right?

>> born and raised.

>> tell us what your musical influences were.

>> i grew up in a musical family. my dad. his family. in the choir. according to my auntie i would sing michael jackson songs in the choir. i was always listening to bad or beat it.

>> that's funny if you break into that at church. that's funny. that's a sermon.

>> absolutely. i was preaching. get it together. we in church.

>> a lot of people just got to know you because you sing along with the group fun. how did that collaboration come about?

>> they reached out to me. they were big fans of my last album. they pretty much reached out a couple times like we really wanted you to be on the song. i listened to it and i loved the song. they were on tour with me. they opened up for me. yeah, yeah. we had a relationship. it was great. i'm honored to be on such a big song like that.

>> the critics are going crazy over this. how could someone so young be understanding all of it so well and with such grace. you have a beautiful spirit about you.

>> thank you so much. i'm very thankful. this is my second full-length album. it's a double album , and i got the opportunity to go for it. i brought in an orchestra, horn players. i duet with erika bondu. solange knoles. and i got a chance to work with my musical hero prince.

>> what do they think back home?

>> i hope they're proud. i always want to make them proud. that's the bad thing is leaving the family. they're so supportive that they make me want to keep working hard.

>> you can tell how well you were raised. there's a song you have called tight rope . i was at the billboard music awards and that song came on and the whole place exploded. there was something about that song tight rope .

>> yeah.

>> hold on.

>> show us how to do it.

>> this is your morning cardio.