TODAY   |  September 12, 2013

Ambush! Mutant Turtle fan’s wife comes out of her shell

Hairstylist Louis Licari and TODAY contributor Jill Martin give head-to-toe makeovers to a mother of two from Georgia whose husband is a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fan, as well as a woman from Oregon whose hairdresser has been trying to convince her for a new look.

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>>> and we are back on this thirsty thursday wh our plaza ambush makeover . our dynamic duo was out in the crowd searching for the perfect pair to surprise with a whole new look.

>> everybody, let's sing along . lewis la la la la.

>> and author jill martin. all right, it's a little muggy out there today.

>> a little muggy. but we were able to find two women who didn't have a clue how glamorous they could be.

>> okay. katie is 30 years old. as a mother of two with a commuter husband, she rarely has time to focus on herself. she jumped at the chance to get pampered.

>> we spotted katie because of the teenage mutant ninja turtle . i know you wanted to cut your hair.

>> exactly. i'm so excited. i'm planning on donating it to locks of love. very excited.

>> what do you think of all this?

>> it's pretty cool. she's been a stay at home mom , and i've been out of town a lot. she has taken a lot of responsibility with the kids, and she really deserves something nice.

>> thank you so much.

>> we like it when people say thank you.

>> enalike ramsey . he's kind of cute in that turtle shirt.

>> ramsey , please keep your blindfold on. here is katie meadows before. all right. katie , let's see the new you. all right. oh my god.

>> turtle man is going to go into shock.

>> ramsey get ready. take off that blindfold.

>> whoa, turtle man.

>> oh my god.

>> katie .

>> he likes what he sees. spin around. like in the mirror.

>> you look hot.

>> is that arson? okay. spin right around. you look beautiful. am i going to need to get kleenex for you?

>> that's giselle.

>> i chose to keep her hair longer. because she's 6'2". this is a super model . she just didn't know it. i slightly lightened the hair. making it a little bit blonder on the ends. but still keeping it very natural so she can maintain her hair style when she goes back home.

>> look at ramsey . he is liking what he sees.

>> she's ouls gorgeous, but she looks great.

>> that dress is perfect.

>> this is a brand called nue by i love it. because people don't think you can wear turquoise in the fall.

>> she's a super model . she can do whatever she wants.

>> the boots from nine west.

>> fantastic. good job. okay. our second lady is theresa hub hubbell. she's 58 years old. no, no. she's 45. you guys have to choose between one or the other. her hairdresser has been trying to convince her to color her hair for years. she decided today is a great day for a new look.

>> i can't believe that you're her mom. you look like her sister.

>> thank you. but i know you want this for your daughter. tell us why.

>> she's a wonderful daughter. she's awesome. we get alock well. it's she's awesome. i have three children, and they're all awesome.

>> what do you think about this for your wife?

>> it won't take long to make her beautiful.

>> we've all determined that she is 58. which is still younger than i am. so it's her husband joe and mom diane. that would be kinky. but anything can happen around here. and we don't judge. let's bring out the new theresa hubbell.

>> oh, nice. all right, you guys ready? take off your blindfolds, please. all right. want to see what they're looking at?

>> oh! thank you.

>> she said thank you. that's a good sign.

>> i'm telling you, washing away the gray washes twaway the years. 30 minutes and it's a whole new woman. they updated her hair style . something as simple as moving the part over to the side. dog gone it.

>> and layering the top a little bit more.

>> thank you.

>> and all the makeup, that makes everyone look fresh and younger.

>> beautiful.

>> you look gorgeous.

>> i recognize the earrings, jill.

>> the earrings are kendra scott. i love the whole look on her. if you want to look slimmer, it's great to put on another texture. you see the leather going down the side. this is also from edress.

>> mom, what's going on?

>> great son-in-law and a beautiful daughter.

>> what do you think?

>> i think i need a