TODAY   |  September 12, 2013

Ricky Gervais teaches KLG and Hoda art of the selfie

Actor and funnyman Ricky Gervais, whose latest project is the Netflix series “Derek,” is also famous for taking unusual selfies. He shows the ladies how to take their own, with mixed results.

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>> he's best known as cocreator of the hit show "the office" as well as his sharp tongue.

>> now ricky gervais is the writer, director and star of a new series. it's so great. i love it on "netflix." it's called derrik where he plays a gentle care taker in a retirement home.

>> oh my gosh. we just watched them this morning.

>> this is so amazing.

>> most everyone else on tv is fake, but we're real.

>> the best show in the world.

>> honestly, we didn't know what to expect. netflix is surprising us all over the place. i thought it would be hilarious. but you said, i would rather make people cry than laugh.

>> i've always snuck a little drama into my work. but this is a show about kindness so it's more out there.

>> is " derek " based on someone who knew?

>> it's based on a lot of people you meet growing up. they may be nerds or outsiders, but i wanted kindness to come along and trump everything. the people you see are not like brad pitt and johnny depp . they're ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

>> we don't spend enough time with people like derek in our world. we're too quick to dismiss people like that.

>> >> yeah, and they're funny and smart and sweet.

>> and you learn important things from them.

>> we saw you on the golden globes doing your thing. a lot of people saw you as that spot.

>> we have to be more brash, arrogant. we have to bring down authority whenever we can. i loved it. i was shocked at first. by the end, by the third one i think people got it. oh, i get it. they're jokes.

>> and they're not meant to hurt people. or destroy my career. but in derek you see a whole another side to mr. gervais.

>> yeah. you have to be in charge.

>> we didn't get to that one yet. is it the question?

>> yeah. it's scripted. but it's a documentary so it has to look unscripted. there's one in particular where i could not stop sobbing.

>> yeah, but you were probably drunk.

>> no, i wasn't. i don't start till 10:00 , truly. i have my standards.

>> yeah. when you start at 9:00 you know you've got a problem. we see selfies all over the place. yours is unique.

>> the idea is you have to make yourself look as hideous as possible, you know, with only the face you've been given. [ laughter ] . are you in the tub? yes, you are. musing himself.

>> look at that.

>> will you show us how to make a hideous face.

>> nobody needs to know what we were doing. that's not right.

>> all you have to do is make yourself look as awful as possible. so you get your chin like that. you get it from under there. all right. so take it. okay. ready.

>> that was hideous.

>> yeah, that's pretty hideous.

>> and i wondered if it was real wine.

>> are we going to show it? . here's what i love about it. that's pretty bad.

>> that's amazing.

>> excuse me. that is talent. this is horrendous.

>> they're used to us.

>> we're drunk. hello, hello, america.

>> what i love is he does this. it doesn't take that long to wash everything out. and then you have all this lovely hot water .

>> i don't want to waste the hot water . exactly, yeah. end of the day , maybe a glass of wine.

>> why wait?

>> yeah. amazing.

>> now we want to send us a new selfie of you in the bathtub having a glass of wine while you're bathing.

>> how do i do that? are you on twitter?

>> she is.

>> i have somebody that does that stuff for me. okay?

>> i imagine you have do everything for you.

>> whatever is necessary. i'll introduce