TODAY   |  September 12, 2013

Hoda to Kmart: It’s too early for Christmas ads!

TODAY’s Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb take a look at a Kmart commercial that hopes to entice people to start their Christmas shopping early. While Hoda says it’s too early to start, KLG is reminded of how much she enjoys the store’s “Ship My Pants” ad.

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>> and it's a beautiful thirsty thursday. beautiful day in new york city . hi, hodi.

>> hi, girl.

>> we've been here a long time already today.

>> we've been very busy because we welcomed carson daly to the " today show ."

>> we sure did. none of us knew it would happen until yesterday. there's a countdown to the new studio that we will be showing the press today and showing america on monday.

>> it's like here's where my living room is.

>> we won't make excuses on what is not finished yet. oh, but we haven't painted yet.

>> and we don't know where the bar is. have they designated that.

>> we bring the bar with us.

>> carson is going to host something called the orange room .

>> he's going to be the link two between the --

>> >> the interweb and the people.

>> okay. and he's also going to be link between what's going on on our set and you at home.

>> done try to make it so easy. it will be fun, though. he's very comfortable. he's very relaxed. we already love him. it's been here forever. so it seems very, very natural. he is. welcome, welcome. we have one more money in the zoo.

>> yes, we do. yes. now hoda and i yesterday after the show, we went to cancer fitzgerald. every year on 9/11 they ask some people to come to generate funds for their 9/11 funds. you go in and everybody was there in their cubicles with all their stuff in front of them. i don't know how they understand any of it.

>> the reason is they lost two-thirds of their employees on 9/11. so they really made it a priority. they've never forgotten about it.

>> they had the single largest loss. one of them was my friend tom, my dear friend terry's husband. i try to go there every time i could. even though it's raising money for a serious thing, it's a lot of fun.

>> it is a lot of fun. you get a percentage of whatever deal they do.

>> all of it. the whole commission.

>> last year they raised over $3 million.

>> 14 million, right, chris?

>> you and i were there. we were on fire. how much you going to trade? you kept making them trade more. and they did and we made lots of money.

>> we had our way with them. that is bruce jenner . i had no idea bruce was there. i want to publicly apologize to kris, who was nowhere to be seen. you know.

>> that's an interesting shot.

>> hello to you.

>> yes, yes, yes. now, you know, we all know about your little dog blake . love blake . everybody knows what's happening with blake . remember the same day i gave cinnamon lee to my friend. that picture was just sent to us yesterday. basically taryn say on her way to the vet to get cinnamon lee fixed. how cute is he?

>> adorable.

>> how cute are they when they have no idea what's about to happen? she just sent a text saying tell kathie lee i'm going to kill her. they can't find cinnamon lee's second ball. now they're going to charge me two times as much to fix him. they think it's in his stomach. she gave me a one ball dog. and there he is. the one-ball dog.

>> he don't know. he's like what?

>> i had two when i got here.

>> i will pay the difference, taryn. i'll pay it out of the gifford family foundation.

>> hysterical. so if you were watching million second quiz, and when you watch it it's weirdly addictive. t a trivia game. it's live. ryan seacrest is on the rooftop in new york city and it's fun. they have different people reading questions out to the contestants. and we read a question apparently last night. so let's see what we said.

>> this is a video question from the " today show 's" kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb .

>> in roman mythology , who is the god of wine? is it cupid, janus, bachus or tartarus.

>> four-point question, katie. answer it or double it back. five seconds. she's going to answer it. what did you say. ?

>> "c", bacaus. she's up by seven now.

>> she's a wino. good for her.

>> i should point out, living in new orleans for many years. we pronounce it baucus. but they told me it was backas.

>> that's the way it goes. anyway. you know who is amazing?

>> who?

>> besides carson daly is ryan seacrest . he can do anything. if you guys enjoy " america 's got talent", one of the things they do really well, a terrific act involves dogs.

>> they won it last year. olate dogs. they were darling. well, they returned last night for a little performance. these dogs are incredible. see what they can do and stack them up against your dog.

>> oh, i don't like that. look at this. okay, they are the happiest little dogs, too.

>> yeah, they're tails are wagging. oh, nobody likes that.

>> i love that.

>> why does have to be in the back? you know, the dogs are better than the men.

>> the tails are wagging. there's part of me that looks at it and goes ew.

>> they love it. see, they love it.

>> oh, they're so happy! i wish blake could do anything. anything at all. he just rolls over like that.

>> should i tell my famous joke?

>> no, no, no, no. no, you can't. you cannot tell.

>> so funny.

>> " america 's got talent", by the way the finals are tuesday and wednesday at 9:00, 8:00 central.

>> we haven't seen this, but we're told it's by the same people that new k-mart commercials.

>> it's a christmas ad.

>> but there's a reason for that. it's 104 days until christmas . k-mart is trying to get people to become part of their layaway plan. these are the same people that made the commercials that we loved so much.

>> we'll show you a new one first.

>> don't let the holidays sneak up on you. shop early with k-mart free layaway and shop member prices can be put on layaway.

>> sorry, it's too early for christmas . i don't care if it's layaway or not.

>> this is not my favorite one of theirs. which one do we love the most?

>> there was a shipping commercial. they wants you to ship your pants. ship your pants.

>> let's watch it again.

>> always fun.

>> ship my pants? right here? ship my pants, you're kidding.

>> you can ship your pants right here.

>> you hear that? i can ship my pants for free.

>> wow, i may just ship my pants.

>> billy, you can ship your pants, too.

>> i can't wait to ship my pants, dad.

>> i just shipped my abouts and it's very convenient.

>> very convenient.

>> i can ship my drawers.

>> i just shipped my nighty.

>> i just shipped the bed.

>> if you can't find what you're looking for in store, find it at and ship it to you for free.

>> genius. that was the best one.

>> you're going to spoil my day.

>> i'm actually going to make your day. this is an oldie. this is kenny loggins .

>> then i'm gonna love it.

>> everybody pay close attention. crank it up whenever i call you friend

>> you know who is with him?

>> stevie nicks . how can you love a great song and then love the garbage you love.

>> here's stevie. forever and ever ! day by day here it comes. no we have to -- here it is. crank it. this is the part. this is the part that we need. sweet love showing us a heavenly light i've never seen such a beautiful sight

>> all right. that's a fantastic one. i know forever we'll be doing it doing it doing it little bit. dirty bit. little bit.

>> there's one i'll play for you maybe tomorrow.

>> okay. kenny loggins wrote a song called cody's song. and i recorded it later.

>> all right.

>> i don't see any reason for them. i really don't. okay, you know what time it is, hoda woman?

>> i suppose you're going to tell me.

>> i'm not. but once again, he will.

>> okay.

>> it's time for "be bold today." sponsored by progresso healthy. bold flavors for the bold hearted.

>> and together we're going to spice up your life .

>> all right. now is your chance to be bold and try something you've always wanted to.

>> we'll help two people achieve something off the bucket list today. send us a one-minute video about your goal, what you would like to do. we could choose you. chances are not. but we could.

>> it might happen.