Never Quit Challenge

TODAY   |  September 12, 2013

Veterans jet-ski 1,600 miles to honor 9/11 victims

A group of veterans took part in a six-day, 1,600-mile trek from Key West, Fla., to New York City to honor 9/11 victims and raise money for veteran charities.

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>> of people you may not have heard about.

>> i am a veteran.

>> i never quit.

>> i'm the founder and creator of the never quit challenge. i never quit. neither do the men or women on board.

>> never quit. these words are at the core of every service man or woman past and present . and this september 11th , those words rang truer than ever. 12 years after the attacks on the world trade center , a magnetic energy and a feeling of victory fills the air of new york city . this fleet of jet skis barreling up the east coast are riden by proud military veterans and wuded warriors, who are bringing with them, hope, resilience and patriotism. these men and women are a part of six teams that have journeyed from dee west , florida to new york city in an effort to honor the fallen and raise money and awareness for three veteran's challenges. there are six days, 1,600 mission is aptly titled the never quit challenge. a civilian military instructor and the create or of the never quit challenge.

>> this 9/11 with the after math of the terrorist attacks , there is a new generation of veterans that are combat wound, ptsd, we have families in need. so we have, you know, to take care of this generation, so that awareness just doesn't end with the war effort . it actually begins.

>> through this mission alone, their days, they've raised $55,000 for charity. one of the riders is an army veteran who served in iraq and afghanistan. in 2004 , he was paralyzed in a military accident.

>> it's what really motivated me to push myself harder and further than i ever have been pushed. it was on the edge for a good feeling. it was like being back in the days in the military where you bought the to push forward . we try to push forward .

>> he is a navy seal, losing both of his legs in afghanistan when he stepped on an ied last year.

>> when i found out both my legs were gone, i wasn't really worried about missile so much as worried about my son and you know wanting to, you know, am i going to be able to do these things like run with him, ply catch with him, do anything with him. and it took me a while to realize that i'll be able to do all those things.

>> for him, the never quit challenge has been a source of inspiration. he says this journey is much bigger than him.

>> when i was in pain and keeping myself going, i'd think about my brothers that have fallen and how they can't be here to do this. they'd love to be doing something like this and doing it for their families and their loved ones. and with that motivation, i would never quit.

>> for these veterans, that's what it's all ability. remembering their fallen brothers an sisters, while looking towards the future and the hope each new day brings.

>> when you are feeling down about yourself or something, you think about this. it's an inspiration.

>> never quit.

>> wounded warrior project, iada, operation members, if you can, you are able help these guys