TODAY   |  September 12, 2013

Who’s the bigger fashionista: Willie or Natalie?

TODAY’s Willie Geist and Natalie Morales go head-to-head for title of fashionista champion, with help from style expert Lilliana Vazquez.

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>> who the fashion pro and faub will be.

>> good to see you are ready for fall trends.

>> one is this year the other is last year.

>> here are the rules. we will play three round. each round you will see two looks. you have to find out which is the "it" trend. you hear you are competitive.

>> we both are.

>> okay.

>> let's do this. round one.

>> we will see our first set of models. come on out, girls. let's see what the top colors are.

>> i know the answer.

>> i know the question. i know the answer.

>> the question is, which is the "it" color for fall, is it leslie or ragine in her head to toe co ballot blue?

>> willie, i'd like to go first.

>> co ballot blue. the other was last years.

>> the winner is, one point for each of you. she is wearing this fabulous outfit a. gorgeous jacket from t.j. max, a great blouse, it mixes co ballot and a tip, mix those two colors. fabulously fitting pants from locked these look fantastic on her. i like mixing.

>> no, absolutely not. that's the point. she still locks fantastic. don't throw it aware. if updating, go for the do ballot blue.

>> thanks, ladies. thank you so much.

>> round 2 .

>> oh, lie lii like that.

>> allison and kimberly.

>> on this side on kimberly, geometric prints, on this side, the exotic prints, which is the "it" prints? natalie?

>> exotic.

>> that was last fall. geometric prints.

>> the correct answer is, no, that would be allison and her exotics. two fortunately. a gorgeous coat from nordstrom, leopard is in. look for mixing other prints, a great snake print, zebras, cheetahs. keep the bottom neutral. throw in metallics. they look updated for fall.

>> all right. round 3 .

>> julie and jamie.

>> accessories play a huge part in our war droevenlt it's a great way to update easy basics. we have great girls, if you notice, the statement accessories really stand out. for this season, it is all about the necklace and the top handle satchel or the statement earrings and the portfolio clutch?

>> how do you know all this?

>> i read my fashion magazine . over there. julie.

>> okay.

>> all about earrings and. so guys are split again. the "it" trend is, that would be jamie. right here.

>> oh!

>> in her statement earrings.

>> yes.

>> so if statement necklace is still really hot. you definitely can still wear it. if you want to update your lock. it's about a gorgeous oversized earring. they're $36. they're still really affordable. if you notice, it's all about the oversize for the portfolio dluch. wear it for a day. you don't have to save it for evening. wear it for day. great accessories. from t.j. max under $50. they have a fun of great