TODAY   |  September 12, 2013

Jeffrey Donovan: ‘Burn Notice’ ending ‘on our terms’

USA’s “Burn Notice” has had a seven-season run, and Thursday’s episode will be the last. Star Jeffrey Donovan tells TODAY that the show’s cast and creators decided they wanted to shape its storyline to “end on our terms.”

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>> fans with " burn notice .".

>> they say you know you made it when snl pokes fun at you.

>> what is " burn notice "? .

>> it's entering its fourth season. fooem people love it. what is " burn notice "? .

>> ted.

>> yes. well, i know it's on usa.

>> mm-hmm.

>> and i know that characters are welcome will.

>> mm-hmm.

>> so it's a show about characters.

>> can you be more specific?

>> no.

>> jeffrey donovan is the show's star. he gives a a glimpse into the much anticipated series finale . you got to be excited when snl is poking fun of you.

>> i thought it was funny. it ruffled a few people's feathers. the show, you meet so many people who love the show and snl is saying no one knows what the show is. i think everyone knows what it is now, now they have an ending.

>> after season four. this is season seven. you mentioned the finale tonight. i think he said this is more sweet than it is sad.

>> yeah. you know, i want to be proud of what i've done and not feel like we're leading something that should continue on and on and on. you never want to get cancelled. we all agreed this is the end of a great run. we create the story lean we want to walk away from. there is more hugs and crawls more than tears and good byes.

>> creating, starting a tv show is such a crap shoot. even great shows sometimes don't make it after a first season. this has had such a good run of seven years. what did you think when you first came on board about the script, the show, did it have the promise?

>> i thought creatively it did. there wasn't anything else in summer. usa took a risk. let see if we can get it going in the summer. they were smart to create a drama with humor and action. match nicks created a good premise of a spy, james bond , gets fired. it was fun. we did spy craft fun. this high stakes , a lot of drama. a big, big death of one of the main characters happens tonight, who has been there. we have all been there since the beginning. one of us dies. i think it's powerful.

>> did that character lock anything like you by any chance?

>> you do your own stunts in this show. you talk about james bond . this thing is a stunt heavy show. you got a rule of thumb when you draw the line about not doing this stuff.

>> yeah, if there is a chance i can die, i don't do it. there is a moment in the these where i jump off the balcony and the flames come out. that's me. then i burn my arm hairs and a little bit of my hair and then the stunt guy comes in, does a bigger explosion. he lost his eyebrows. there is a fine line .

>> then as you came in here, you were sort of limping this morning, what happened? you do your own opportunities? what happened to you?

>> i'm lifting my beb out of the crib. something slipped. this little kettle bell . i don't have to have a gym membership area. i lift her arms.

>> getting the hair burned off, you lose to a ten month old.

>> nothing as dangerous as a child.

>> well-spoken. thank you so much. good seeing you. coming up, you can catch the series finale of " burn notice " tonight at 9:00, 8:00 central on