TODAY   |  September 12, 2013

Carson Daly defends tattoos (and shows off his)

The newest TODAY family member defends a Miss America pageant contestant for having tattoos and shows off his own: a crab claw coming out of a pocket knife to cover up an ex-girlfriend’s name on his ankle.

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>> welcome to "today" on this thursday morning september 12th , 2013 . willie geist along with al and natalie. look who else, carson daly , an official member of the "today" show family.

>> orange room host.

>> it's been such a crazy morning. i am so thankful to be here. thank you for making the transition.

>> so people know the orange room in our new studio, which we will debut on monday is the melding of digital and broadcast.

>> that's kind of the idea of it, al. it's a studio in the new 1-a, which we will see on monday. let face it. i think the average person can understand a place like today for over 60 years has gathered and delivered news as a tra dirnl means. technology is in a crazy place, citizen journalism , a ton of stuff happening online t. orange room will be a place during the live "today" show, we will be able to intersect with what you are doing.

>> so we'll be checking in with you periodically on issues, whatever stories are getting the viewers excited or whatever emotions.

>> the viewer looks at it as a hub or a new home to them to reach out to me through the orange room to have sort of a richer relationship with the show. we'll see how it manifests in real time when we're on the air with whatever given story we are doing or interview.

>> we should request live.

>> i can't get enough of that.

>> it will always itself be trl to me. somehow, they'll make it work.

>> if you look at the first day from "today" show, it was a gathering of what was cutting edge tech following then. wire machines, wire photos. tape recorders. all that stuff. this is just another iteration.

>> we see how in a typical news story, the actual story, itself, takes another life outside the traditional means of news, in the social media space. we can tap into that and add it. hopefully, it will make the news process that much more efficient.

>> nowadays on twitter, they're breaking news.

>> it's also i view it as kind of a bonus area, too. if you have matt damon on the "today" show, you can talk to carson for ten minutes.

>> that's good. matt's boring.

>> this will be the place where you will get all those kiddie videos.

>> what are you talking about?

>> all the stuff.

>> the kiddie videos, how dare you?

>> going to a dark place .

>> we do have state of the art technology in the new orange room him al, you have done some work on it as well.

>> it's pretty excited.

>> he has toys.

>> wait until you see the stuff we got on monday.

>> it will be great.

>> we are so glad to have you. we got some stuff we want to show you. how do you feelant an inked up beauty queen ?

>> why did it take so long? in there miss america . a slightly different interest. this is miss kansas . sergeant theresa --

>> yes.

>> did you hear me? she'll be the second contestant from the military to compete. she is also the first to break a longstanding taboo in beauty pageants . the ig i insignia for the core and the serenity prayer down the right side of her torso. quoted, my platform is to empower women to break stereotypes. what a hypocrit i would be if i covered myself."

>> she owns it. she looks amazing and the ink looks great on her.

>> would it be different on the lower back and some tribal weerld tattoo?

>> fine like a tramp stamp ?

>> yes.

>> what's your twitter handle?

>> yeah, basically.

>> that's what they call it, i guess. i wouldn't know.

>> what i find fascinating is that there is an army dental core. that's pretty cool. dentists who can kill.

>> who has nice teeth, i'm sure.

>> i didn't notice the teeth.

>> this also be i the way will not be a surprise for anyone under the age of 35. maybe old timeling. wow.

>> what taboo? what are you talking about? tattoo a big deal .

>> when you were here, you revealed the tattoo that you kind of regret now.

>> i have a bunch, on my left arm within i was competing in the miss universe , mr. universe, my grandfather is a green beret in the army. i have his big insituation fiia. when it's military like that, even if there was a dumb rule, they should waive that for people in the military.

>> you have one on your ankle.

>> i have one, i told he tattoo reportist, the braino.

>> you got a tattoo guy

>> you got to get it. he did. it's a crab claw coming out of a pocket knife now.

>> i got a crab claw.

>> he made the exgirlfriend's name become a crab claw.

>> that almost looks like a swiss army knife .

>> that's what it is.

>> that's fan taft ec.

>> pocket knife clab claw.

>> it's what i'm not doing with that girl's name on my leg.

>> it could have been a car.

>> it might be next year.

>> might be another guy named braino in hel's kitchen.