TODAY   |  September 12, 2013

One parent has unique cure for the bedtime blues

Willie, Al, and Natalie discuss the challenges of parenting sleep-stubborn kids and watch one family’s comical reaction to their son’s sleepless habits.

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>> he sounded so cute.

>> ae all had those epic battles , right? please just go to sleep.

>> my george is 4. he's very defiant. he doesn't sleep like that. he says, i will not go to sleep, like he's standing on top of a mountain.

>> like watching a baby patton.

>> luke is pretty bad, too. we had a period a couple months ago where he would not sleep in one fight for continuously. he would wake up every two hours and say he was having nightmares. like he was a newborn all over again.

>> nikki and lila, they drop off. nikki is a big problem. he wakes up about 5:00 a.m . even on the weekends. he's up. oh, you are killing me.

>> i woke up this morning . i felt in the middle of the night like i was on the edge of the bed. you probably had this, i opened my eyes, there was george. in the bed, between me and christina. there was this weird guy with curly hair , face-to-face. that was my son.

>> until you get him out. not having another kid.

>> that is birth control right