TODAY   |  September 12, 2013

TODAY’s Professionals debate: Should college athletes be paid?

TODAY’s Matt Lauer talks to Donny Deutsch, Dr. Nancy Snyderman and guest Professional Dr. Phil McGraw as they weigh in on Time magazine’s cover story about whether college athletes should get paid.

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>> today's professionals, here to tackle the hottop topics of the day, dr. donny deutsche, dr. nancy sneiderman. phil , welcome.

>> glad to be here.

>> let's get going. yesterday, we all marked the 12th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, september of 2001 . yesterday, at&t tweeted an image of the twin towers and lights with the words "never forget" on an at&t phone. did they cross the line, donny ?

>> of course. they did. the fact that the product was there. the problem advertisers have, yeerlgs they were doing three tv commercials a year, a few tv ads. now, they are sending out thousands of messages a day. that was probably done by a junior person's mistrick. at&t said we screwed up.

>> i'll get to that in a second.

>> marriott did something in hotels, they had free coffee and muffins from 8:36 to 9:13. i'm not sure they did apologize. any time an advertiser steps over that grey line into the darkness, there has to be someone that goes too far and make an apology at best.

>> you got to look at the intention, i think everybody was looking for a way to commemorate that day. bad choice, but the intention behind it water good.

>> the intention is always good. they took the photo down and said we apologize to anyone that thought it was in poor taste . the image was solely to those from the 9/11 tragedy.

>>> "time" magazine says it's time to pay dleej athletes. it's been a long simmering debate. they generate enormous revenue for their colleges an universities. should we be paying them?

>> i read the article, if kids can sign a tee-shirt, do anything for ten bucks. so i understand that there are all kind of parameters. it's big, big.

>> when are we going to quit pretending what we know. they are getting paid. they have been getting paid. i played in 1968 , you would get laundry money, money to show a recruit around, money for a job that you never showed up at. i got paid when i was worth about 80 cents a week. it is happening so why is everybody pretending it is not.

>> the ncaa rules --

>> they should know better.

>> guys, the reality is obviously, they are getting psyched up. they can't get paid because it's a slippery slope . in reality, they get scholarships.

>> all of a sudden you are paying for autographs t. cleenls pay the autograph people. taets are amateurs. they are getting a national stage, scholarships.

>> in college, in like their junior year. they're doing it as a stepping tone to the pros.

>> all kids don't get to the pros.

>> when a child is 16, they can sign it for money, donny cannot. you cannot.

>> thoen don't you think tim tebow has sold a few more things?

>> i feel bad for these guys to get -- phil i'm starting with you, the reno gazette journal in nevada published and obituary recently, written by the children of a woman that palsed away. she is survived by her six of eight children, whom she spent her lifetime tortureing in every time possible while she neglect and abused her small children, she refused to let anyone show or have compassion against them. when they became adults, it goes on to say we celebrate her passing and hope she lives in the after life reliving each gesture of violence, cruelty. it goes on and on and on. talk to me about this.

>> it often has been said your story will go better if you are the only one telling it. they didn't get an ad so she could respond. maybe she deserved it. that's not becoming to the. they have to live with that. that's not becoming to them. if they had those emotion, tell her. why wait until she dies and put it in the newspaper.

>> dr. phil , i'm guessing they did. to me, once again, we don't know the personal stories. maybe this was somehow katarctic.

>> i tell you what, when tarragon, they're gone a long time. it's not becoming to the people that wrote it.

>> but it's not closure. those are two very different things.

>> very different things.

>> cath rah rsis, yes. i hope if there were written, it was one key.

>> for their part, we removed the online listing of this obituary mid-day as we review circumstances arounding displacement. once we complete review, we will determine what, if any, actions are required. i will end with a quick run, miss america pageant for the first time ever, miss kansas has shown up in the swimsuit competition showing off tattoos. phil , i know you are a big fan of tattoos. what do you think of this?

>> what do you want to see? come on, this is a different time. it's body art . book in our die, thugs did tattoos. in this day and time, my own son has tattoos. i didn't pick them.

>> first of all, why are we having miss america competitions? that's another subject. in my family, if you have a tattoo, there is no tuition.

>> what is it about empowered women breaking barriers?

>> i would like to leave a message, my duties will never be getting tattoos.

>> if you get get a tattoo.

>> do not watch.

>> nice to have you here.