TODAY   |  September 12, 2013

Dr. Phil: People misunderstood  ‘drunk girl’ tweet

The daytime talk show host tells the TODAY anchors that he was surprised by the reaction he got from a tweet sent from his show’s Twitter account about whether it’s OK to have sex with a girl who is drunk, saying it was about a serious topic, and that some younger people’s responses were startling.

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>> phil mcgraw . phil is here as well. doctor, good to see you here early. you kicked off the new season of this show. you are ending the week with a very emotional gritty story about a high schooler who says she was riepd by a party fueled by alcohol. tell me about it.

>> well, matt, we are so concerned about this trend. we saw it in steubenville, ohio. you did a good job reporting. that we have three football players, one under aged girl drinking, no adult supervision. now, four boys are charged with second degree rain. if they're guilty, they can be registered sex offenders for the rest of their life. we have this young woman here who says she was taken advantage of, victimized. so her life has been impacted in a terrible way. where are the parents? how do you have four boys here not one says, this isn't right. we need to take her home.

>> this led to a tweet a couple weeks ago that was a little controversial. if a girl is drunk, is it okay to have sex with her? reply yes or no to@dr. phil . i know you didn't personally write that tweet. it was from the show's accounts. what do you say? are you surprised at the reaction it got?

>> i'm surprised some people misunderstood it as a light latered museing. it was a serious question about a serious show. that's why it said hashtag teen alcohol, teen drinking , whatever you said, the you would be upset about young people who say, you go out and party, what itself the big deal ? the big deal , it's a crime. you are old enough to be drinking. the deal is you cannot give informed consent if you are intoxicated. so there is no conceptual section if someone is drinking. kids think about this, a girl request not give consent if she is intoxicated.

>> it's one of the subjects you should talk about. your first week back on dr. phil .

>> 12 seasons, can you believe it?

>> by the way, you will be joining nancy and donny. we'll take on today's professionals.

>> i'll be happy to do