TODAY   |  September 11, 2013

5 ways to keep your skin healthy for fall

Dermatologist Dr. Jeanine Downie shows how you can keep your summer skin glowing into the fall months by exfoliating, using bronzer and taking multivitamins.

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>>> the glow is about to hit the hills we have good news.

>> there are ways to keep that fresh face into the fall.

>> nice to be back. thank you very much for having me.

>> you can hang on. we need to get rid of all of your expired products. i love this but it is separated at the bottom.

>> 2011 . shame on me.

>> it doesn't have the date.

>> it smells funky.

>> this smells funny now because this is expired, as well. just the fact that it is brown and yellow on the outside you shouldn't put that on your eye lashes. this package is curling.

>> look at the soap.

>> it's soap.

>> no, no, no.

>> this the expiration date , as shiny and new as it looks you should say no and you should never be putting anything orally in your mouth that is expired, too, by the way.

>> what are you looking at me for.

>> i resent that.

>>> the next thing is exfoliation. exfoliation rules.

>> look at that.

>> it smells yummy. we are going to put this on gale, my lovely model today. it exfoliates wonderfully well. this is gauze from our lovely -- and then this hydro mask. the body masks stay on for eight to ten minutes. the masks for the face stays on for two to four minutes. this is available at the doctor's office.

>> this gets rid of dead skin.

>> it beautifully exfoliates. you don't want to leave that on gale.

>> and then you have to moisturize. and then these are more moisturizers right here. kathie lee , can i borrow your lovely hand?

>> yes.

>> you want to see the consistency.

>> she has the smallest wrists ever. i have never seen anything like that.

>> you want to hydrate because you are going to start to get dry now.

>> let's bronze.

>> we can extend the summer glow. we can extend it with the jergens. you exfoliate first and bronze.

>> this can be used on face and body. the urban decay has bronzers for the face. we want to think about vitamins. i take a prescription multi vitamin every day. i definitely recommend it. here are some common vitamins and even vitamins for your skin. this evens out your skin tone . it is a fantastic one. my patients love it. i'll give you that one after the segment.

>> she doesn't wait.

>> let's not forget about sun screen . 77% of the sun's rays penetrate through the clouds even on a cloudy day. the bottom line is you have to sun block all year.

>> use sun screen .

>> when pigs fly .