TODAY   |  September 11, 2013

‘Submissive Wife’ author: It’s about selflessness

Sara Horn wrote a book titled “My So-Called Life as a Submissive Wife” chronicling the year she let her husband be the leader of their household. She tells Kathie Lee and Hoda that being Biblically submissive doesn’t mean being a doormat; it means becoming more selfless.

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>>> the word submission makes some blush especially after "fifty shades of gray" became so popular.

>> the word means more to one woman who wondered if she could live a happy life while being a submissive wife and loyal to her husband.

>> a one year experiment and its liberating results. it's great to see you.

>> we should point out you are type a. you like to drive the bus and your husband is a type b personality .

>> which sounds like it could be the makings of a lovely marriage and it was. you have a good marriage.

>> absolutely.

>> what made you want to make this experiment in your life?

>> my faith is so, so important to me. it is one of the areas in the bible that i kind of tried to ignore for so long like a lot of women. i wanted to see could you be biblically submissive.

>> the problem is with the word and misinterpretation of the word. tell us what submissive biblically means.

>> it doesn't mean door mat. for me what i learned during this year that it is very much being more selfless and putting somebody else first and finding ways that we can show love and kindness.

>> tell us particular things you have done that you had to change. what difficult things did you have to switch?

>> i learned how to edit my words. you really want to say something. maybe it is not so good to say that right now.

>> maybe a better time.

>> absolutely.

>> that is wisdom.

>> what else did you do?

>> i learned to ask a lot more questions. it was so tempting to say we should do this or that.

>> like the house.

>> we were looking at a house and buying it. i gave him the leeway to say which one do you want. we'll go with that one.

>> even though it wasn't the one.

>> we should point out your husband is in the military so you have to be in control of a lot of things when he is deployed. that takes a shift. you have to be charles in charge until charles gets home.

>> this is about the heart. this is about an attitude. when you are looking at giving towards somebody that giving comes back, too. the more i supported him the more support he gave me.

>> a lot of men like to quote that scripture at their lives. they don't like the one that comes before it, husbands, love your wife.

>> biblical submission is voluntary. it is an instruction for the wife to choose to do. men are instructed to love like christ loved the church.

>> let's see how many of them are doing that.