TODAY   |  September 11, 2013

KLG, Hoda remember where they were on 9-11

On the 12th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks, TODAY’s Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb recall how 9/11 has impacted their lives. Hoda says she was reporting on the devastating attacks, and KLG recalls how her assistant lost her husband on that day.

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>> hello everybody. it is wednesday. it's september 11 , 2013 , arance for all of us and a day to rejoice in the lives we were touched by before they were taken too soon. hoda and i want to welcome you during this difficult day for many of us, especially new yorkers and those of us who lost someone that day.

>> you know it is coming obviously when you live in new york . when you think a dozen years, we talked about every 12-year-old child, 12 or younger did not experience 9/11 and didn't know what it was like and are just learning about it from family and friends. it is funny when you think of your memory. i remember coming into work like everyone was, racing in. and they asked me to go on the roof and do a live shot and there were security concerns and asked me to go down stairs. i remember sitting in makeup for a second and a woman doing makeup was panicky and she said i have a loved one in the towers. we were watching the towers. one fell and i watched her and the phone rang in the makeup room. here back was to me and her shoulders were heaving up and down. she turned around and she said she's okay. and you know it is funny, what comes into your mind and your memory. for her it was relief and for so many families lost someone .

>> i will never forget it for a couple of reasons. i was at home in connecticut. those planes came right over our house. they were flying very low. i was down in our gym. i couldn't believe they were letting the planes fly that low. so i get up to the house and i realize what was going on. we realized that my assistant, taryn, who was almost eight months pregnant with her first child then, her husband, tom, was in the north tower and ultimately was lost with so many. he had been in the world trade center in 1993 and had actually saved some people's lives during that attack but this time he didn't make it out. and, of course, her child was born. he will be 12 years old in just a couple of weeks. and every time i see that child i remember that day i went in and wrote the song for him called " little baby", little baby is still unborn, too young to cry, too young to mourn.

>> 10:03 is the time flight 93 went down in pennsylvania. there is a moment of silence in the country.

>> my friend who lost her husband now has a beautiful 12-year-old little boy , but she did marry again and she has a gorgeous little girl now, too. as much as it was painful there is healing. you can't rush healing. everyone has their own schedule for it. mourning takes a long, long time. god can bring beauty out of ashes, too.

>> when you look at the reflecting pools that they have now at ground zero , when you look at that there is something very serene about it.

>> hoda, i have not been down. i started to go down three times and i have always turned back. i don't know why yet.

>> like you said, healing comes on its own.

>> i look at it and it makes me joyful to know something beautiful is being made out of it. i still personally can't. i don't know why.

>> there is a museum that will open early next year. it has been sort of in the works for a while now. willie took a tour of it. they have all sorts of things from that day. they have tributes. they have obviously just twisted metal and things there. and there is also -- they were saying there is a room that you have to actually make a turn to go into, the more difficult things to watch.

>> that was always the dilemma, how much do you show of this horrifying day? how sensitive do you want to be to the victims' families? at the same time we don't want to forget this horrendous attack and the physical and human costs that it brought. you know, so i think that is a wise way -- that is very solemnonic.

>> if you need a little inspiration, there was a woman and i thought this was terrific, there was an inspirational obituary. her name was agnes nicknamed pink. and when she passed away they decided to write down wisdoms. let a dog or two or three share your bed.

>> thanks to frank letting our dogs out at night we have three.

>> never throw away old panty hose . use the old ones to tie gutters, child proof cabinets or hang christmas ornaments .

>> there is nothing much uglier than used panty hose . what is a toilet flapper?

>> the plunger.

>> why would you tie --

>> apparently she knew something we don't know.

>> thank you.

>> take magazines you have read to the doctor's office for others to enjoy but do not tear off the mailing label because if someone wants to contact me that is nice.

>> invite new neighbors over for thanksgiving, bonus points if they are from another country.

>> even if it was a holiday he would be late and he would bring a little old lady. never say mean things about anybody, hoda. she says there are poor souls to pray for.

>> choose to believe they do the best they do with your money no matter what your children say they have discovered online.

>>> dennis basso is a fashion guy. he is a designer.

>> and a bigger than life personality.

>> he is. he was there. your buddies were there. and there was another bunch of people. it was fun for dennis. he rocked. his stuff rocked the run way.

>> apparently there was a ppicture posted with you with a message hoda kotb with her own clutch design.

>> zip locks work fine. one of my favorite things that you said today was -- first of all the elections in new york are finally over.

>> well, sort of.

>> two people got rejected, elliot spitzer and anthony weiner . so what would have been a good headline?

>> i have a suggestion. are we going to show it?

>> there it is.

>> it was up there. they are seeing it up at home. anthony weiner came in fifth.

>> right.

>> by the way, while he was at his --

>> supposed to be celebration party.

>> the girl who was sexting him --

>> the last one that we know of.

>> sidney leathers.

>> she crashed the party dressed in her best. when asked why she was there she said i feel like it is my obligation. i mean, i will only be 23 years old once.

>> what does that have to do with anything?

>> she said that anthony weiner should have left the race long ago because he is such an embarrassment. people say i ruined his marriage but he ruined his marriage.

>> she is ridiculous.

>> she is 23 as you said. we cut her a little more slack than we do for anthony weiner .

>> elliot spitzer 's race was tight.

>>> diana nyad , we were sort of standing up for her for the 64-year-old woman who finished this 110-mile race from cuba all the way to the keys.

>> she swam all the way. and then there were these nay sayers saying diana nyad , blah, blah, blah.

>> for three and a half hours she was on a conference call with swimmers that were questioning her.

>> she actually spoke.

>> why don't we listen to what she had had to say.

>> don't i deserve a little luck after i have had so much bad luck on my previous four tries? i had at least the persistence to keep trying until finally we got a little luck on our side. when you set a huge world record like this you have to vet it. you have to ask every question. you have to put the swimmer under a microscope and make her answer the questions. i did the swim with my own body and my own mind fair and square, squeaky clean.

>> good for her. you know, the trouble with anybody that goes through this is we have too many representations of the other, people that swore they never took performance -- we have our lance armstrong situation and all these others. i want to believe diana nyad .

>> i do believe her.

>> i do, too. people are cynical in this world today because it seems like everybody is cheating.

>> there are a lot of people who do that. i don't like people who sit in their big chair and say you did that? prove it to me. why? she is 64. she had boats with her. this is her umpteenth time to do it. it is documented. i thought it was crazy. we have a lot.

>>> coming up, the new iphone is out.

>> i finally came into this century and i am already old.

>> it's over. there is a new iphone. this one you can put your thumb on it instead of punching in your pass code.

>> i don't want to.

>> you can buy things.

>> what happens when i say why don't you take a picture or take a picture of me?

>> i'll have to have you put your thumb on it.

>> my head is going to explode.

>> i think it is going to be a pain. i don't want my secret thumb print being stored in a device.

>> they already know everywhere you have been and everything you have done. thank you nsa.