TODAY   |  September 11, 2013

Toys ‘R’ for everyone: Retailer ends gender labels

Toys “R” Us has announced that its U.K. stores will stop labeling toys and sections as for “boys” and “girls” to eliminate gender-specific marketing. They will join the effort of U.S. stores of the same chain, which currently divide sections based on product, not gender.

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>> stop labeling boys and girls items and they're going to remove any gender specific tags on -- and references in their store. apparently the u.s. stores have already been doing this. so they say.

>> in the u.s. they say they -- they just have sections.

>> sections.

>> things like that. i guess maybe they online --

>> the trains and car section.

>> exactly.

>> we were talking about this. i mean, it's high time that we get rid of any sort of labeling because a lot of kids these days like whatever toys. the rainbow loom thing is the perfect example. my son is into it as much as your daughter.

>> yeah.

>> nikki has a bunch.

>> i say we let them loose at toys "r" us and see what they come out with.

>> absolutely. but it's interesting how they do gravitate without anyone ever telling them to certain things.

>> they do. i remember going to a -- like a play date, like a thing and they threw out balls and dolls and cars and trucks and it was interesting to see how the babies that were like 6 to 9 months old went for the balls and the cars and the girls picked up dolls. although some girls picked up the cars too.

>> i remember when i was much younger just wanting an easy bake oven .

>> sure.

>> yeah, well, and you still do.

>> it worked out for you.

>> i can cook anything as long as there's a lightbulb in the oven.