TODAY   |  September 11, 2013

How to lose weight by organizing your space

Most ways to lose weight may mean dropping your favorite meals, but dietician and Fitness Magazine contributor Dawn Jackson Blatner says that just some simple organizational tricks can keep you eating healthier without even realizing it.

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>>> so the craving hits and you eat whatever is in grabbing distance. if it's junk food you have blown your diet. now the folks at fitness magazine have the secret to organizing your space at home and the office to help you lose weight .

>> she is a registered dietitian and contributor to fitness. good morning.

>> we'll start with the fringe.

>> why is it important to organize. you can have your environment work for you or you can have it work against you. i'd like to show you how to make it work for you. i'd like to start at the refrigerator.

>> all right. natalie.

>> let's do a refrigerator make over.

>> the crisper drawers and i'm not seeing fruits and vegetables in here.

>> move your produce. if you put it in the crisper drawer, that's what i call the r.i.p. drawer. rest in peace. but it in eye level . in site, in mouth.

>> left oefrs.

>> in the crisper drawer but your condiments and water bottles and candy in there. things easier to eat at eye level . hard boiled eggs, grilled chicken breasts. pasta and vegetables. notice my clear containers, right?

>> you can see everything.

>> we throw away $1,000 of food that we forget about and spoiled food. so if you use the clear containers you're likely to eat your food instead of throwing away the spoiled food.

>> i like having the vegetables chopped up and prepared and in snack pouches as well.

>> that's very luring, right?

>> natalie has her beer and wine.

>> i noticed that.

>> right here.

>> all right.

>> this is my refrigerator.

>> that's the refrigerator make over and now we are dining together. make over your dining room table. okay, so first thing is stock up on napkins.

>> okay.

>> research shows that if you have manners you're more mindful. so napkins can actually help you lose weight .

>> and the white place mats and white plates.

>> this is an optical illusion for your eyes. you'll put the right portion on your plate and let's set ambience with candles or if you paint it blue. anything to calm you down so that you slow down the speed of your eating will help you eat less.

>> you said get rid of family style --

>> no family style . go plate your food in the kitchen. bring it to the table and when you're eating and looking for seconds you'll have salad on the table instead of overeating your meal. so you have your refrigerator made over, you have your dining table made over, how about at work?

>> right.

>> one of the first things to do at work is to create a calendar alert because people that eat meals and snacks on a schedule eat 80 calories less every day than people that eat erratic erratically. stock your drawers with smart first. stuff i have a drawer full of meals. if you're in a rush for lunch or dinner, you can do soups or things like oatmeal packets.

>> yeah.

>> delicious.

>> a little nut butter or snacks that have individual portions.

>> right.

>> so to keep your portions in check, all of these little plastic bags. eating from a plate is a smart idea because it will help you be more mindful and one of my favorite tips for the office, get minty. mouth wash , tooth paste. floss. not only good for the dentist but also it's a signal of doneness so that you're not likely to graze and munch all day long.

>> great ideas.

>> really good ideas.