TODAY   |  September 11, 2013

‘I hit the jackpot’ husband doesn’t recall surgery incident

Jason Mortensen made wives across the country swoon with the endearing comments he made to his own wife when he was waking up from surgery, which she captured on video. He tells TODAY that he doesn’t remember the incident at all, and that this wasn’t his first encounter with anesthesia.

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>> how about the man that made wives everywhere swoon. on tuesday we showed you the video. now it's everywhere. it's jason 's sweet behavior as he woke up from surgery. he was stunned to zis cover that the beautiful woman at his bedside was his own wife.

>> did the doctor send you? man, you are eye candy . whoa. you're the prettiest woman i've ever seen. are you a model?

>> nope. i'm going to be right here with you. you eat the cracker.

>> who are you? what's your name?

>> my name is candice. i'm your wife.

>> you're my wife?

>> yeah.

>> holy [ bleep ]. have we kissed yet?

>> keep eating your cracker.

>> it's hard. it's hard baby. it's hard. do we call each other baby? how long have we been married?

>> a long time.

>> oh my god. i hit the jackpot. let me see your face. let me see your face. your teeth are perfect. turn around.

>> no.

>> did i get you that ring.

>> yeah.

>> i must have been really liking you.

>> jason mortinson joins us life with his wife. the prettiest girl he's ever seen. good morning to both of you.

>> good morning.

>> this must be overwhelming. the first question a lot of people have is how is it that you were video taping that moment.

>> he had been acting like that for about 20 minutes before i pulled out my phone. so i finally realized i need to get this on video so that he can see how he acts and so i can show people .

>> jason , do you remember any of this?

>> no. and i've had surgeries previously and i guess i have been a weirdo during all of them. thank goodness she had the sense of mind to pull out her camera.

>> what does your family think about this? they must be amazed at your newfound fame.

>> oh, yeah, we're just surprised how viral it's gone so fast. but everyone we have showed it to has just loved it as much as we did.

>> well, we all loved it here. there are people, though, who questioned the authenticity of this. a lot of skeptics in this world that say, you know, come on, this seemed fake. but we talked to your surgeon and he said some people can have this reaction when they come out of amnesia. what do you make of it?

>> i heard that some videos are faked but i talked to my doctor yesterday and he said he has gotten like 150 phone calls so i finally gave him permission to tell them that i had the surgery.

>> he didn't remember a thing about that when i showed him the video.

>> if it takes him this long to wake up out of surgery, is he like this every morning also?

>> i wish.

>> i know, you're quite the charmer. you made it hard for husbands everywhere. what do you plan to do with that tape? in the moment of a fight or a tiff.

>> yeah, bring it out and show it to our kids some day.

>> good leverage.

>> if he had said nasty things when he came out of that anesthesia would this have been evidence in divorce court as opposed to a viral on the internet?

>> it went very well for me.