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TODAY   |  September 11, 2013

Sharon Osbourne: I had a fling with Jay Leno

“The Talk” co-host revealed information about her secret fling with Jay Leno to a wildly applauding audience on Monday. According to Osbourne, the “flingy-wingy” occurred in 1978, before either TV personality had married their current spouse.

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>>> bing, wow, sharon osborne 's secret fling. a lot of folks trying to get their head around this one. can you guess who it is? when she was 25 she took up with a young comedian, a fellow named jay leno . it happened back in 1978 before sharon married ozzy and before jay met his life. after going public with the news jay immediately called her to reminisce. by the way, jay is three years older than sharon. i don't know what that meant.

>> remember the 70s.