TODAY   |  September 11, 2013

Workplace distractions last twice as long as average task

New research addresses the consequences of lower cubicle walls, questioning whether a more open design fosters collaboration or instead allows for more frequent interruptions. Workers have less than 13 minutes on average to focus on a project before getting sidetracked, and each distraction lasts around 25 minutes.

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>> how often do you get dis distracted in the office? they have pretty interesting stats about work place inter interruptions.

>> so the average is twice as long as the average task.

>> exactly. so one of the biggest reasons people get distracted is the person sitting next to them cubical talk.

>> i think when e-mail keeps popping up, that's distracting.

>> but because of cubicals and people wanting more workspace that you do end up getting interrupted.

>> i think it's far less than the 13 seconds.

>> and we're starting to get lower.

>> all the cubical chatter.