TODAY   |  September 11, 2013

Sept. 11, 2013

TODAY’s Willard Scott sends birthday wishes to special TODAY viewers.

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>>> i mean new york is the greatest state. everything, you have the ocean, the beautiful mountains, the lakes up north. they make wine and they have a beautiful ladies. anita makes the best lemon pound cake you ever tasted in your life. and a cold glass of milk. and you are in heaven. i mean, heaven. carroll, ohio has good things, norman mason . loves bingo. i used to like bingo. we played it and it was good fun. i never won much. a lot of money then.

>> oh, this is a good one. elcie mae frye. she is from jackson tennessee. nothing but the best little thing and she can play a mean guitar. she'll be on the grand old opry probably an hour and a half. and we have ernest denny. loves country food. biscuits and gravy. sausage. red eye gravy . that will bring you nothing but the best. we have sadie isaacson. she is from los angeles , california. i'm sure she watches dancing with is it stars because she likes to dance herself. she is 104 years old. we wish her everything good in life. and earl holycross, 100 years old today, loves to play checkers and usually wins. how about that? that's all from washington at this time. and now, back to you guys in new york.