TODAY   |  September 10, 2013

KISS rockers to Tim Tebow: Come play on our team

Rockers Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley from the group KISS have a tell-all book that chronicles the band’s behind-the-scenes triumphs and low moments. Gene and Paul discuss a new arena football team they own and have extended an offer to Tim Tebow to play for L.A. KISS.

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>>> you may know them for their long locks and heavy makeup but the rock band kiss is much more than pretty faces, if you call these pretty.

>> for the first time, releasing a tell-all book about keys' fierce determination to become the biggest band in the whole world against all odds.

>> called "nothing to lose." here with the dirt. honestly, looked at this book a lot, and it's hard to put down and hard to believe you guys are still alive. congratulations on that.

>> yes.

>> just for sheer fortitude. and enough about the groupies.

>> the book, most was about the, i guess the viewpoint from the roadie, from the managers, from promoters. so it really is our story from -- it's watching an accident from the other side of the street.

>> the oral history . it's an oral history .

>> an oral history .

>> early in the morning , you're using those words.

>> the notes describe it on your own book jacket .

>> we let people just say the truth as they saw it.

>> i have to raise this above, i have a fiduciary duty to tell you about kiss football . go to l.a. kiss football dotcom.

>> maze news about this.

>> an arena football team.

>> we do. arena football never gets the credit that is due. even though it's afl, it's adrenaline football . you're playing on a smaller field. everybody's running for all rts worth.

>> is it like rugby a little more?

>> this is real football . it's glade yater gladiators. some think they're second-string football players but really you're in the upper 1%.

>> it hasn't gotten a lot of traction. people sort of know what it is but aren't for sure. you are doing minor league --

>> it's really not. nothing minor about it. much more offensive. just made a deal offer to tim tebow .

>> news today. an official offer.

>> that's official.

>> it really wasn't about pub publici publicity. he would be great for the sport. he's a great citizen a great role model. some are questionable. certainly he isn't one of them. it this is an offer we made and it was not about getting press.

>> in my wildest dreams , i never thought that the guys from kiss would want to be with tim tebow . i think this is awesome.

>> why not? tim would be great for football . better to have more tim tebow in football than abuse are your dogs and guys up for murder.

>> tell us about your love life , gene. every time you come on, something different is going on.

>> long-suffering shannon tweed . what's going on?

>> shannon is at the hotel waiting for me. she's watching.

>> hi, shannon .

>> we love shannon , by the way.

>> what about you, paul?

>> they're together?

>> you're happy in love, everything's good?

>> we're going to hawaii and we reaffirming our vous.

>> oh, good.

>> and what about you, paul?

>> four kids. i've got a 2-year-old. a beautiful girl who just turned 2, emily. i have a 4-year-old, sarah. 7-year-old colin and my 19-year-old evan is in the music program at nyu.

>> you have always been so interesting. we thank you for being here. all the best with tebow, and frank gifford 's available, too, and waiting for a call. i mean, still got it.

>> he does still have it.

>> still got it. great to see you guys.