TODAY   |  September 10, 2013

Try these healthy 4-ingredient meals for kids

Cookbook author Kim McCosker demonstrates how you can get your kids excited about healthy eating with her 4-ingredient chicken fingers dish, veggie ribbon pasta, and chocolate fruit jewels.

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>>> it is time for "today's kitchen simple dinners." doesn't get more simple than this.

>> here with easy recipes from a new cookbook. 4 ingredients kids.

>> great to have you back.

>> i'm not a chef. just an overwhelmed, overworked cook. well, i love this dish. so glad we're doing this one. chicken is very popular. it's also oven baked not fried. i've yet to immediate a child that doesn't like chicken nuggets and things like that.

>> yes, they do.

>> kathie lee , if you want to take a piece for me and roll it in the yogurt.

>> just regular, plain yogurt?

>> yes. the enzymes in the plain yogurt will tenderize the chicken. and this is a dirty job, but it's a tasty one.

>> what do i do?

>> put it in the crumbs. the crumbs for the chicken a mixture of parmesan cheese for flavor and cornflakes for crunch. get the kids involved. i mean it. so the second they're coming into the kitchen they are learning.

>> stick it in there and do --

>> and you roll it.

>> the yogurt tenderizes and your crummy. we're not going to fry it. we're going to --

>> all: bake it.

>> yes it is a little messy, were ut it doesn't matter. the healthiest vaunt in t iesiest restaura nt in the world is your kitchen. preheat your oven, 350 degrees. bake about 20 minutes .

>> really good.

>> i've yet to immediate a child that doesn't like these. these are really, you know, family-friendly recipes and with ingredients kids are all about. a recipe the entire family can make, and --

>> wow. hmm.

>> and get the kids in there.

>> very good.

>> and the you say, sweetie, pick a recipe tonight. you're cooking for mommy, daddy and the rett of the famist of the family. you can, only a few ingredients.

>> this is, something that's pasta?

>> a busy working mummy. come 6:00, something happens and i'm morphing into captain veggie smuggler and always looking for ways to get more vegetables. seasonable vegetables into their daily diet. this one, we've seen the tricolored pack its of pasta. the green, the orange, the white. you get a zucchini, a carrot. parsley, take a lovely veggie peeler. start from the top all the way down and you create a mound of beautiful vegetable ribbons. a pot of boiling water. pop your thin vegetable ribbons into it and boil them.

>> put sauce on that.

>> your family's favorite pasta sauce. just a marinara, sprinkling of cheese. it's easy.

>> dessert?

>> this one, so you make these. literally two ingredients. pop them out whether it's a 6-year-old birthday party or 66-year-old birthday party , they've got an alluring effect. everyone goes to them.

>> great in chocolate.

>> when you pick them up, everyone the expecting them to be a ganache. bite into them a pleasant surprise. it's a --

>> all recipes on the website.

>>> submissive women, tomorrow.