TODAY   |  September 10, 2013

Vicki Lawrence passes KLG-Hoda wine test

Actresses Vicki Lawrence made people laugh playing the head of a dysfunctional household on the sitcom “Mama’s Family,” and the popular ’80s is now available on DVD. Tested on her wine knowledge by Hoda and Kathie Lee, she successfully picks the most expensive glass of pinot noir.

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>>> we're back on this booze day tuesday with more. more of our vicki lawrence . we love her.

>> she is the actress, comedienne and singer, best known at mama, frankie, no holds barred character from the " carol burnett show " and took to her own comedy series called "mama's family."

>> i got me an entire family and that would be more and happy to take me any place that i need to go. but i figure i can't get -- hello? [ laughter ]

>> come on.

>> oh, my gosh. the minute vicki uk waed in to the studio, whatever we call this while under construction. the bomb scene. pretty bad here. everybody went crazy. oh, my gosh. it's vicki lawrence !

>> oh --

>> we're so excited.

>> people love you. you look so great.

>> i'll send you right over to lenscrafters when we're through here.

>> you must love that? people, they adore you.

>> yes.

>> because everybody loves carol so much. i feel like i am the benevolent, a little bit of that love.

>> the fairy dust .

>> what do they ask you? people stop you on the street all the time. what's the question you get the most?

>> where's mama?

>> is that right?

>> actually, in my purse.

>> do they ask you to do her? no. they want to know where she is, like she's not me. she's another person. like she's -- hold on. she's in the phone booth . i'll go get her.

>> crazy. because you probably spent the rest of your life and quite a substantial amount of money trying not to look like mama in real life .

>> kind of a character i can grow into. at least it wasn't a blond bimbo with --

>> how young were you? when you first --

>> 24 and i'm looking at the dvd covers going, oh, my god. i was young. look how young.

>> you were 24 there?

>> well, maybe not there. but -- 26.

>> you're ed kidding?

>> do you like doing that accent? the mama accent? i. love it. are you kidding me. well, hell yeah .

>> you can get away with anything.

>> you can.

>> and people that are -- that's why i love doing the show with hoda. i can be the old, cranky one. it used to be regis. you can get away with everything when you're old and cranky.

>> yeah, you can.

>> those costumes you guys wore were terrific.

>> i loved the costumes. bob mackie handed off to rhett turner on the series.

>> two --

>> and did a bonus feature for the dvds.

>> they did?

>> talking about the costumes. both of them, two little oldal ladies arguing about the details. that's how it really was.

>> seriously?

>> yeah. and i didn't realize that that's how bob got do cher. i didn't realize.

>> are you guys still friends, vicki? the group of you?

>> no. and we don't --

>> you don't see carol as often as you'd like?

>> nobody does.

>> nobody does.

>> love everybody .

>> and the whole crowd.

>> well, we know you're a winer. pointed that out.

>> a little test. see how good you are. you love pianeeinopinot.

>> more brother-in-law says i have a surprise.

>> take that away. ask you which is the most expensive of the three.

>> and if they're all pinot noire. am i right? okay.

>> we have the prices in front and then we'll going to quiz you.

>> well -- i'll be with you in a moment.

>> she takes this seriously.

>> talking about ordering?

>> the silence we're going to learn is sometimes good.

>> lovely note.

>> uh-huh. oh.

>> what do i get to clear my palate with?

>> not a thing.

>> ah --

>> all right. hmm. that's nice. how can you tell --

>> you can.

>> you can.

>> i can't tell. they're all nice.

>> which was the least expensive? give us a --

>> i'll go here.

>> okay. let's see.

>> and it says it is blue fin . $4.99.

>> you're right.

>> and one is $34.

>> and what's that one?

>> $15.

>> the woman's got a great tongue. imagine that? we had gene simmons and his tongue on the same day that we had vicki lawrence and her tongue.

>> wow.

>> wow.

>> wow.

>> we need a picture.