TODAY   |  September 10, 2013

Man to wife after anesthesia: You’re ‘eye candy’

A YouTube video of a dazed Jason Mortensen shows him waking up after a hernia operation and being greeted by a beautiful woman he called “eye candy.” Recovering from anesthesia, Mortensen apparently did not recognize that the woman was actually his wife of six years.

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>> reaction after waking upcoming out of anesthesia after hernia surgery.

>> did the doctor send you? man, you are eye candy .

>> my name is candice, i'm your wife.

>> you're my wife?

>> yeah.

>> holy [ bleep ]. how long have we been married?

>> a long time.

>> oh my god. i hit the jackpot.

>> that's jason mortinson and they had been married for six ways. he could have said you're my wife, really? but he compliments her and that is getting a lot of play on youtube.

>> it's touching. isn't it neat to see he sees her for the first time all over again and thinks she is great.

>> whatever he is on, every man should be on.

>> a lot of people signing up for that surgery right