TODAY   |  September 10, 2013

Howard Stern sidekick Robin Quivers: I’m cancer-free

Robin Quivers, longtime on-air sidekick to Howard Stern, opened up to the radio audience Monday about her battle with cancer. Stern, who claims he was “already making funeral arrangements,” called her positive diagnosis “miraculous.”

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>> we have all been embarrassed and it teaches valuable lessons.

>> sure does. trending on google, an admission that shocked a lot of people. howard stern 's long time sidekick revealed on monday she was battling cancer for a year and a half. but on the radio show she shared good news with her fans.

>> about three months ago i go into my doctor's office. she just looks at everything and she goes, you're cured.

>> i tell you how serious this was. i was already making funeral arrangements, okay?

>> she has been working from home since last spring. she will be here on the program next month to talk about her new book. but stern was very emotional on his show yesterday talking about this battle with her cancer.

>> he has known about this for a long time. she is a very, very private person. i've had the pleasure of knowing her for about 25 years. she is a great lady and we're happy