TODAY   |  September 10, 2013

How to deal with an embarrassing spouse

Experts discuss four ways that couples experience embarrassment, and offer advice on how to cope with a significant other’s faux pas.

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>> rants during dinner parties or showing a tendency toward clumsiness, what do you do when your spouse embarrasses you in public.

>> has this ever happened to you.

>> no.

>> never happened to me either. the best advice, ask the following questions, is it really that bad. is this who my partner really is? and how often does this actually happen? in my case, a lot.

>> if your spouse is clumsy i don't know why it would annoy you. if your spouse said something that is offensive to someone you would get annoyed. but that wouldn't be just with a spouse. that would be with anybody.

>> the example used in the spepiece is they're at a dinner party and this one woman is like we used to fool around around that corner.

>> a little embarrassment is good. it keeps your behavior in check.

>> keeps the relationship alive.

>> we have all been embarrassed