TODAY   |  September 10, 2013

Celine Dion: My new album is fresh, edgy

The iconic singer’s newest album, “Loved Me Back to Life,” has an edgy new sound to it, but the superstar says she isn’t reinventing herself –  just teaching herself how to loosen up.

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>> one of the most successful singers in the world. natalie had a chance to sit down with celine dion .

>> this is her first english album in six years and it's different than what you might expect from celine.

>> filled with a dance beat. celine dion 's title track off her new album, love me back to life, promises an edgier side to the super star 's music.

>> it's a very powerful song. it is edgey.

>> sing it for me.

>> put a grain into your voice

>> not making it too pretty. like you're just waking up. this edge in your voice.

>> did you feel like you had to learn a new technique in singing it?

>> not to learn it but not to try to make it too perfect.

>> too perfect.

>> yeah.

>> and to loosen up and just let it go with that kind of flow. give it a try.

>> i love it.

>> dion says this departure from her soaring titanic ballad is not a change in her style but just a natural evolution after a 30 year career.

>> so you're not reinventing yourself?

>> no, no. it's not about that. what i have accomplished through my career is something i'm extremely proud of. but i can afford to kind of be sitting on a couch and relax a little bit. not try to overdo it.

>> reporter: the five time grammy winner admits she worked hard to avoid the pitfalls of her success.

>> i have always been scared of the industry. it's such a yes place. it's very easy to get lost and i'm very fortunate. i have always had my family and that i know that i have something better.

>> reporter: right now that means making las vegas her home. the pop diva put her florida mansion up for sale and reupped her self-title show at caesar's palace. planting deeper roots for her sons. r.c. and three-year-old twins eddie and nelson.

>> parenting is our most important job. it's not the easiest one but we take great pride of doing it because we know that we are making a difference. whatever we do in showbiz we have a good time. but what we do at the house, we make a difference for the rest of their lives.

>> reporter: what about making time for her marriage to her husband renee, who is also her manager?

>> how do you keep it fresh?

>> to come home as quick as possible to finger painting with our kids.

>> you said your kids love music. do they sing yet?

>> they do.

>> do you sing with them a little too.

>> yeah, it's too serious. they get emotional too. here we lead the way. i have to sing in a little bit funnier.

>> you're like every mom, then. you're going through the phases that we all go through.

>> we have a very unique life but we're really trying to be -- not trying, we are normal people.

>> reporter: an ordinary family entering a new chapter in the singer's extraordinary career.

>> her album love me back to life will be released november 5th .

>> i commend you for your strength. didn't you want to belt it out with her.

>> i wanted to but i held back.

>> it was good. thank you so much.