TODAY   |  September 10, 2013

Diana Nyad’s Cuba-Florida swim facing skepticism

Fellow marathon swimmers are asking a barrage of questions regarding Diana Nyad’s historic swim from Cuba to the Florida Keys, taking issue with how she completed the swim so quickly. NBC’s Mark Potter reports.

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>> nyad is talking to people casting doubt on her record swim from cuba to florida.

>> good morning, matt, fellow swimmers are not accusing diana nyad of cheating but they're skeptical and are seek information on how she completed the record swim so quickly.

>> reporter: one week after she went ashore in key west and was celebrated for her 353 hour swim from cuba, she faces questions from fellow marathon swimmers on the internet asking how the 64-year-old could have completed the 110 mile swim on her own in such time.

>> to give you a sense of how fast it is, it's faster than the gold medal winning 50 free style in the olympics.

>> others have questioned whether she violated the traditions of the sport by wearing a special mask and body suit to ward off stinging jelly fish .

>> it's a slippery slope . part of that suffering is exposure. exposure to whole water, hypothermia, the abrasive nature of saltwater.

>> but nyad 's supporters say she did everything right. she swam on her own power and had to wear the suit and mask to get past the jelly fish . they also confirmed how on this, her fifth attempt, he was helped greatly by fast moving ocean currents .

>> i got very lucky with the gulf stream . it was going right where i was going.

>> an independent oceanographer agrees. during her swim, the florida current spun counter clockwise and pushed her from south to northeast. right toward key west at a very fast pace.

>> it's like being on an electronic walk way. she got on the walkway and transported her three to five miles per hour toward key west .

>> the kucurrents don't usually head northeast but at the time of her swim they clearly turned in her favor.

>> so far, nyad has not answered publicly any of the specific questions being raised but tonight she and her team are expected to meet with fellow swimmers on skype to layout her claim that she did everything by the book and never got in the boat and only got a special assist from mother nature .

>> hey, listen, that kucurrent can push you that well.