TODAY   |  September 09, 2013

Steve Harvey: I’m not afraid to speak my mind

Television host Steve Harvey is set to kick off season 2 of his daytime talk show, where he often gives frank answers to questions from viewers who are dealing with relationship issues. He offers advice to a (tired) woman whose partner is demanding sex four or five times a day.

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>>> " steve harvey " the actor and best-selling author knows how to talk to the ladies.

>> he does. even getting an entire studio audience of women to pledge not to have sex with a man for 90 days after meeting him.

>> i tried to tell you that, hoda.

>> stop it.

>> steve harvey is kicking off season two of his hit show next monday and we are delighted.

>> we love you. by the way, congrats on hitting a home run.

>> yeah.

>> i mean, that has got to feel so good.

>> it did until i came here this morningp. i found out i didn't deserve it. right before we went on. congratulations on everything. you don't deserve it.

>> i like to get you, you know --

>> very funny.

>> we had more fun when we came to chicago and did your show.

>> we loved hanging with you.

>> we knew ahead of time, so many of the new shows his is going to be a hit because he's real. people are sick of the phoniness. you got to be authentic.

>> here's the deal. i have an opinion. now the fact that it's not the same as yours.

>> yeah.

>> that should be okay.

>> it should be in the real world .

>> i shouldn't be afraid to say what i think because it's not politically correct or it's not what you're supposed to say as a celebrity. people all the time about this, you're promoting spanking a child. i'm telling you i got spanked and i'm telling you i spank the ones that i had. none of mine --

>> i would have spanked mine but they were fast. they took after their father and they were athletes. i would have spanked them too.

>> you do something called strawberry letters. you give a lot of relationship advice . how did the term strawberry letters come about?

>> the brothers johnson had a song out called " strawberry letter 23 " and a co-host of mine --

>> wow.

>> are you serious?

>> that's how we do around here.

>> and then --

>> the co-host of my show in l.a. her name was shirley strawberry.

>> that's right. yeah.

>> so i called it strawberry letter.

>> she would read them and you would give advice.

>> she gave her advice and i gave mine.

>> why don't you give advice on a couple letters we have.

>> these are a little rough. 23-year-old woman writes her 25-year-old boyfriend is wearing her out in the bedroom.

>> like literally three, four times a day. we don't want to go into more details. she goes -- she does -- she goes to school, works two jobs and finds time somehow. anyway, she says what do i do? keep giving in to him with the nonstop sex or go the other way?

>> he accuses her of cheating if she doesn't want to have sex?

>> who has time.

>> i'm exhausted reading it.

>> what does he do?

>> exactly.

>> where do you work? where you got four to five times a day. you're, obviously, part time at a fast food . you need to up your game. you're 25. you got to get a full-time job first. where you can't be available four or five times a day.

>> yeah.

>> i'm concerned about the four or five times anyway.

>> yeah.

>> i think there's something to say for quality as opposed to quantity.

>> amen.

>> i think you're aggravating a women on the fifth time around.

>> unless she's a very rare woman.

>> i think it's aggravating.

>> unless she's getting paid.

>> then she's happy to see you again.

>> remember when your uncle used to tickle you, it's funny the first 15 seconds. after that, uncle, get off me.

>> now you're my weird uncle.

>> i don't care for you anymore.

>> these are fun.

>> can you stay the whole hour?

>> time to do one more. a 40year-old man writes in he popped the question to his 35-year-old girlfriend of two years. they set the date. both are working professionals. he describes the relationship as pretty solid, notes she's very aracktive but learns while hanging with his pals at a strip club she had a side gig in the adult film industry . she never told him about.

>> i'm out. i'm out completely.

>> yeah.

>> see, wife and stripper cannot be in the same sentence.

>> even if she just strips for you?

>> no. she's been in some movies, right?

>> yeah.

>> i can't do is carry my wife somewhere and introducing her as tonya and fellas is calling her bubbalicious.

>> and a fan of her work.

>> we have to go but wish you great luck.

>> he doesn't du sieeserve it.

>> steve harvey 's show premiers a week from today. don't forget