TODAY   |  September 09, 2013

Jill shows off trendy clutch, jewelry, tote bags

TODAY contributor Jill Martin shows how you can indulge your inner fashionista with stylish totes, clutches, pointed toe flats and jewelry, all reasonably priced.

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>>> it is time for jill 's must haves and with fashion week taking place in new york we thought no matter where you live you might want to know how to look like --

>> take your times, guys. no problem.

>> without spending the big bucks . today's contributing editor for people's style watch jill martin has everything you need.

>> surprise.

>> we're in cramped quarters because our new studio is coming next week.

>> don't sweat it.

>> don't give it a thought, guys.

>> hi, jill .

>> hello.

>> everybody thinks fashion week is this glamorous thing and it is.

>> it's insanity.

>> people are schlepping around in heels and this is something every fashionista should have. first, you see a lot of hair accessories on the runway. look at these. these are from bed, bath & beyond. $10 for these. they're little velcro stickers.

>> just take --

>> one here. one here.

>> over here.

>> just stick it in.

>> cas would like those.

>> she might.

>> yours is gorgeous.

>> thank you. okay. that starts it. way to get in on hair accessories. this moto jacket under $50. these are really big. these faux leather jackets over jeans or a dress.

>> perfect weight for this time of year.

>> such a great time of year. i love this time of year. my version of summer. the portfolio clutch, big, under $50, holds everything. if you're someone that needs a lot of things, philip for target. great tote september 15th under $50, all different ones.

>> and a draw string. nice.

>> like a beach bag or laundry bag or something.

>> the bag you want.

>> okay.

>> i personally want more chicken.

>> but anyway.

>> i can't stop thinking about it.

>> wear the flats to get the chicken.

>> these are the new flat. getting one which we need to run around and look chic. chinese laundry again. $59 and all different colors and patterns and they're comfortable.

>> and comfortable.

>> they are comfortable which is always key especially when running around.

>> yeah.

>> statement necklaces once again. we say this is the trend all the time.

>> and they're going to go away and never do.

>> jeans and a t-shirt, anything going day to night to toe on some of these from top shop , steven and company, don't have to spend a lot. under $50.

>> love this.

>> mj project,, amazing. for $30 a month they will send you all the material and inspiration. you go on the website and see what's in and trending and make it yourself.

>> you have to make your jewelry.

>> that is a bracelet.

>> how adorable is that.

>> i did not make it.

>> hoda.

>> that's gorgeous.

>> is this great. they give you all the in materials and it comes like this and it comes right to your house.

>> this is adoreble.

>> and make it at home.

>> look at that.

>> how much is that.

>> $30 a month. they just deliver it to your house and it's great.

>> i would never make anything but it's nice.

>> but you wouldn't be able to.

>> right.

>> we can make it for you and give it as a gift. quick fashion, you have everything here, pockets that fit into your pants so that you don't have to carry anything. very into the fanny pack i.

>> i miss my fanny pack .

>> i tweeted you from michigan. i wore a fanny pack .

>> my favorite one is gone, stolen or something.

>> i want it back.

>> get another one.

>> maybe that guy you visited took it.

>> what guy that i visited?

>> when you went away.

>> his name is frank. i visit him once in a while .

>> when you went on vacation.

>> okay.

>> george clooney on lake cuomo.

>> that was supposed to happen. this is the lip of the season on me. i don't wear lipstick but the dark berry lipstick. get this at target. this is deborahlip to spruce up, these colors are the in colors for fall.

>> pretty.

>> again get these at sally hansen. if you need a little sweet treat. something to pick you up.

>> for hoda.

>> you see all the different fashion cookies.

>> how cute.

>> for your kids color these in.

>> do they taste good?

>> i love these cookies.

>> sunglasses are cute.

>> aren't they great.

>> what's this got to do with fashion week?

>> this is candy to give you a pick me up. it has coffee ands espresso in it by sugar fina.

>> i was hoping for an olive.

>> and a martini.

>> thanks, jill .

>> coming up, a man who