TODAY   |  September 09, 2013

Matthew McConaughey getting raves for new film

Brian Balthazar from fills Kathie Lee and Hoda in on entertainment news, including Bruno Mars’ Super Bowl halftime gig, critical pans for the Princess Diana , and the 30-year reunion of the cast of “The Big Chill.”

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>> back on the fun day monday. when we catch you up on the hollywood gossip you may have missed.

>> from the super bowl to the super stars making headlines with the celebrity scoop is our friend brian. he's the editor of "pop goes the week".

>> every time i come here you never offer me booze. this week i'm bringing my own. no wine for me.

>> we always offer.

>> okay. so anyway, what do you want to talk about?

>> can you smell it?

>> scotch.

>> only enough for one?

>> plenty enough for everybody.

>> this might be one serving. we got more.

>> talk bruno mars.

>> you turn to me for the latest in sports news. bruno mars going to be performing at the super bowl halftime show in february.

>> i love that. why would everyone be upset about that?

>> his is one of the first super bowls -- the first super bowl in the new york area, by that we mean new jersey, so some people wanted a more new york centric artist. he's not from new york .

>> like bon jovi .

>> springsteen did it in 2009 . it's fine. so --

>> but i don't think bon jovi ever has, has he?

>> i think he might have. he's only had two albums so he has fewer songs to draw upon.

>> he has a lot of hits off the album.

>> anybody that sees him at an awards show he brings it.

>> remember when he did "snl" he was so talented.

>> and he can do impressions of other singers. i think he will do other covers or have a lot of guests.

>> he will put on a great show.

>> let's talk "50 shades" --

>> how did rehab go over the weekend?

>> i fell.

>> so people have had their panties in a bunch about the casting for "50 shades of grey" as you know. i think it should have been gilbert godfreed. i'm going around you now. he read the audio book as a joke on-line.

>> that's funny.

>> charlie is finally speaking about the casting of "50 shades of grey" and said there was tangible chemistry between him and dakota johnson .

>> when they did a screen test .

>> there has to be a makeout test when doing this movie.

>> you have to do a couple scenes.

>> exciting, fun, weird and compelling.

>> compelling.

>> he implied he kind of dug it.

>> do you think people will calm down after this?

>> i think so.

>> it should be over.

>> katherine hardwick who directed the first one of the vampires and all that stuff, when she cast robert pattinson people were so upset.

>> they were?

>> that he would be edward.

>> harry potter another example. sooner or later people wrap their heads around it.

>> yeah.

>> let's talk about matthew mcconaughey .

>> okay.

>> standing ovation for matthew mcconaughey . he is going to wow you in his movie "dallas buyers club". he lost 52 pounds. everyone was creeped out by that.

>> concerned for him.

>> delivers an amazing performance. catch the trailer on-line. he plays a guy in texas in '85 who contracts the hiv virus and it's this -- the interesting part of the story is the guy is heterosexual womanizing and homo phobe and now he becomes -- he's got hiv, angry people think he may be gay but he takes his treatment into his own hands and smugglesle better drugs, reportedly better drugs from across the border.

>> counterfeit.

>> and he learns a lot in the proce process.

>> very unusual friend.

>> likely friendship.

>> so he's forced to confront all of his preconceived notions and a compelling story. i would be willing to bet he would be getting an oscar nomination.

>> and perhaps the oscar itself. jay --

>> yeah.

>> can we talk about the diana movie? it got trashed. what happened? i thought it was supposed to be so good.

>> one of those iconic figures, any time someone tries to recreate that role is going to come under fire. the british press can be relentless. princess diana played by naomi watts .

>> who's australian. a member of the british royal order or whatever.

>> and the critics were calling this chunky and not that compelling. the worst criticism comes of her performance from one member of the press, wesley snipes in a blonde wig would have delivered a more convincing performance.

>> she's an excellent actress.

>> and wesley snipes doesn't look like her.

>> aside from that.

>> she turned it down twice knowing there --

>> you know, what we think about you and when you come on our show we want to make sure you are liquored up.

>> there you go.

>> and here you go.

>> oh, cheers.

>> brian, believe it or not used to be our producer.

>> that didn't work out.