TODAY   |  September 09, 2013

Dedicated fan watches KLG, Hoda at gym

Kathie Lee and Hoda surprise Fourth Hour viewer Callie Bowers by naming her Fan of the Week. Callie is a devoted viewer who watches the ladies at the gym, where she is known as the “Kathie Lee and Hoda” girl.

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>>> all right. it's monday and you know what that means.

>> we get to announce our fan of the week.

>> fan of the week.

>> who is it this week?

>> we're going to spin the globe and find out where they're from. drum roll , please. it is from --

>> callie bowers from arizona.

>> she watches us on ktnx channel 12 . cali is on the phone. hi, cali .

>> hello. good morning.

>> good morning, sweetie.

>> she looks like fun, doesn't she?

>> she does. tell us now we know why. cali , tell hoda why you love her?

>> why don't we tell them why. she watches us in her gym as the kathie lee and hoda girl and always changes the channel to our show. look at her.

>> god bless her.

>> we hear you make your workouts more bearable, is that true?

>> of course. of course. i turn it up full blast. i don't care if anyone else is complaining. i'm just going.

>> selfish too. great.

>> and she drinks her poweraid straight from her wine glass and we love the t-shirt and we're total into it.

>> she wants to hoda on your kotb.

>> cali , are you ready to hear where you're going, baby.

>> am i ever.

>> here we gop. you and a friend, you guys are headed to the resort at long boat key club in sarasotarasota, florida. four days, three nights. get breakfast each day at sam's point. round of golf for two and tickets to the wrinkling museum.

>> which is cool.

>> airfare for two is included. hotel and airfare furnished by the resort at long boat key club in partnership with visit sarasota.

>> who are you taking?

>> i'm going to take my sweet husband. he needs a trip.

>> perfect.

>> good for him. i'm going to take him.

>> we love you for it. thank you.