TODAY   |  September 09, 2013

Dad vs. iPad: Man bans post-1986 tech for family

After watching his son choose an iPad over playing outdoors, Blair McMillan made a drastic decision for his family: no more technology developed after 1986. McMillan, who was born in ’86, established the ban in April so his sons could live one full year without modern tech.

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>>> welcome back to today on this monday morning, september 9th , 2013 . i'm willie geist with al roker and natalie morales . he is turning back the calendar in his own home to 1986 . he is banning all technology that comes after '86.

>> the year he was born.

>> this is blair mcmillan. he has the mull let to take it back to '86 as well.

>> he put the ban in place in april after his son trey opted to play an ipad instead of go outside on a nice day. he said that's it. the family has given tup internet, newschannels, cell phones, gps and facebook. they're going to live a full year this way without any of the modern conveniences.

>> that would be a revolution in my house.

>> cnn was around in '86.

>> yeah, it's the media thing. they could watch cnn but nothing else.

>> you were born 1975 . so we roll back the clock to '75.

>> me, '72.

>> al.

>> tell us about the old days, al.

>> back in the day, back when live tv , i had a kodak browny. [ music playing ]

>> that's right. back in the day.

>> i love when al does that impression he turns into an old white southern man.

>> that's right.

>> we used to take bark inside. you know what i mean .

>> i like this guy, though. a year is pretty extreme.

>> yeah.

>> maybe you make your point in a week. but the mull let makes it for me.

>> they're the right age. if they were older and had to do work in school.

>> you need to be able to go online or watch your cable news shows.

>> they can run around the backyard with their mullets on. works out for everybody.