TODAY   |  September 09, 2013

Build healthier pizzas with tasty substitutions

TODAY nutritionist Joy Bauer shares some ways to build healthy versions of your favorite foods, like pizza and ranch dressing.

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>>> this morning, building a better meal as you get back to your fall routine.

>> leave it to joy bauer to help us shed pounds while eating our favorite foods including pizza.

>> good to see you.

>> hey. today i'm presenting some of the most crave worthy delicious items that are typically fattening but we'll slim them down. afterwards they'll be on i hope everyone is going to try them.

>> pizza, this is a calorie killer.

>> a standard pizza parlor slice like this is around 700 calories and i'm not adding the toppings.

>> and nobody has one slice.

>> two and three, yeah and then havoc on your waistline. the slimmed down version is only 200 calories and you can eat the entire circle. here's how to make it. you guys already jumped right in. you start with a high fiber tortilla and pop it in the oven and get it nice and crunchy and then top it with marinara sauce . why don't you add on mozzarella cheese and parmesan. i like crushed red pepper . onion, garlic powder , right in the oven for ten minutes. the cheese will get hot. the entire thing 200 calories. if you make the swap once a week, at the end of the year you saved 26,000 calories, the equivalent of 3,000, 600 french fries .

>> that's a lot of french fries .

>> no eating the french fries . on to the next.

>> put this over here for us.

>> i knew this would be a problem.

>> put that over there.

>> al's dressing room . thanks.

>> thank you.

>> we are tackling ranch dressing now. so it's delicious but it's super fattening and creamy. four tablespoons a quarter cup. 360 calories. the new and improved four tablespoons just 45 calories and here's how i make it. half a cup of fat free either greek yogurt or sour cream . 2 tablespoons of light mayonnaise. two tablespoons of -- this is a low fat buttermilk. add in lemon juice . we have parsely, chopped scallions. onion powder , garlic powder and pepper. you can dig in and taste this one. you stir it all up. 45 calories. you make the swap one time a week for an entire year you save 16,000 calories and the equivalent of 20 sticks of butter.

>> i just had that this week.

>> do you want to dip the french fries in.

>> al's dressing room .

>> that's right.

>> thanks.

>> thank you very much.

>> now we're going to conquer a chocolate milk shake. i did investigation and some of the --

>> joy bauer investigation. like jeff rossen .

>> about 650 calories and this is a small size. the new and improved version, just 230 cal risk and here's how you make it.

>> yes.

>> you'll take three quarters cup of a hard packed light chocolate ice cream or chocolate yogurt.

>> remember when they had iced milk .

>> a quarter cup of unsweetened almond milk . unsweetened coco powder. half a banana which adds sweet creamine creaminess.

>> or a quarter of a banana.

>> a couple of ice cubes . we'll pop that on and here's my -- i want these for you guys to test.

>> they're perfect.

>> if you drink this instead of that, what would you say?

>> one time a week for an entire year you saved 22,000 calories and the equivalent of --

>> a puppy.

>> 455 chocolate chip cookies .

>> no.

>> it goes good with the milk shake .

>> joy bauer . great swaps. that's