TODAY   |  September 09, 2013

Top weekend Google searches: Louis Tomlinson, Tokyo

Google technologist Daniel Sieberg shows the most popular searches on Google over the weekend, including Louis Tomllinson, the One Direction singer who got clobbered on the soccer field, and Tokyo, which won the bid to host the Summer Olympics in 2020.

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>> from a one direction star taking the field to the 2020 o lilympics just some of the topics online.

>> here to break it down for us is daniel. good to see you.

>> good morning to you both.

>> these spiked over the weekend. let's start with louis from 1 d.

>> a horrifying moment. he was actually playing in a charity match over the weekend, soccer. he was playing with his beloved team and at one point during the game, he was tackled pretty hard on the field. went down with an injury to his knee. after that he threw up off the side of the field so was in a bit of pain. the player that did it apologized. that didn't stop the one direction fans from posting harsh stuff including death threats.

>> that's crazy.

>> a lot want to see that moment for themselves. they had a record setting crowd here on the plaza.

>> i hope they raised a lot of money given all he went through for that.

>> he's saying he is okay. just so fans know.

>> next, olympics 2020 . we heard tokyo now getting the next -- they're getting the honors for 2020 .

>> the summer games will be in tokyo. they beat out madrid and istanbul. understandably the delegation from japan erupted once this was announced. it was an emotional victory after the tsunami and the earthquake and they have to be cleared for safety concerns. not only who won and what the reactions are like. but wrestling is coming back but softball and baseball no. baseball fans in japan very disappointed. it's a big sport over there.

>> and 2018 the winter olympics are in south korea .

>> this is the second time in japan they had the summer games . goes back to 1964 .

>> it's good for them. they need it.

>> thank you so much.